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The ‘Spiritual Metaverse’ Vuniverse is officially launched!


On 12 Jan 2022, Vconomics has officially launched the “Spiritual Metaverse” Vuniverse with amazing products such as Vlove, Vwish, and Videa. This feature promises to bring many interesting experiences to Vconomics users.

1. Vuniverse – The spiritual metaverse in the digital economy

Since the launch of the Vconomics application, many users are curious about the Vuniverse feature, which is believed to be an indispensable “happiness key” in the Vconomics ecosystem. Vuniverse helps Vconomics users to spread good things, show their love, and share their ideas with others.

2. Attractive products of Vuniverse

2.1. Vlove – The gift of love

Vlove – the love gift is for everyone:

  • The couples send Vlove to each other to show the seriousness in their relationship and bring many wishes for a prosperous and peaceful future together.
  • Those who are looking for ‘the one’ could send Vlove to their ‘crush’ with the message “waiting for an acceptance”. This love gift encourages individuals to start building relationships, as well as enriches their spiritual lives.
  • You can also send Vlove to your family or friends to show your feeling for them – the humane meaning that Vlove adds to Vconomics ecosystem.

2.2. Vwish – Meaningful wishes

Vwish exists in the form of an NFT, with the main purpose of being the wishes/prayers… from one to their lovers or to himself. Vwish is not limited to any targeted audience but to the community as well, which makes Vwish a gift for everyone with a deep and humane social meaning.

You can send your wishes to those who you have not seen for a long time or those you love but even cannot meet in person (Eg: victims of COVID-19, the frontline doctors against the epidemic, those in poverty overcoming difficulties, or great people halfway around the world…). Even if it’s just a brief sentence, the social significance will be widely disseminated.

Besides the spiritual value that Vwish brings, they also bring the unique and irreplaceable value – the preeminent feature of NFT (Non-fungible Token).

2.3. Videa – Unique idea

Videa allows unique ideas to bloom in the NFT world. They are not limited by strict rules and regulations in real life, on the contrary, these interesting ideas will be winged by the decentralized digital economy in perpetuity.

Don’t worry that your ideas are crazy to the point of madness, because no one will judge or question them, much less detract or judge their execution. This exciting ‘playground’ will be the beginning of great creators with an amazing imagination and natural ability.

If you send a wish out to the universe, it will be heard. If you send a great idea, 20 years from now the world will remember you as a great person.

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3. Digitization of spiritual life is no longer a fantasy

Vuniverse has quickly digitized the spiritual life of the community and made Vconomics ecosystem more interesting. This feature promises to be the HOT trend in the Finance – Technology market in no time because not many people dare to think of the digital transformation of intangible entities such as emotions, ideas, wishes… like Vconomics.

Vlove, Vwish, and Videa – all make up the Vuniverse universe full of humanity. This will be the place for Vconomics users to get acquainted, develop more human-to-human relationships, and at the same time spread good social values ​​to users around the world.


In the digital age, spiritual life also needs to be digitized and recorded permanently on the Blockchain and Vconomics has carried out that mission through the Vuniverse feature. Vuniverse promises to bring many interesting experiences to users, diversify the ecosystem and spread good humanistic meanings to global users.

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