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Vconomics to launch amazing shopping utility: “Be a shopaholic, be rich”

In order to bring the great experience to Vietnamese users, Vconomics cooperated with AccessTrade to bring an amazing shopping utility this June with a special cashback program of up to 50%. Let’s join us on the event ”Be a shopaholic, be rich” held from 16 June to 30 June 2022  to get attractive rewards!

1. Who to participate?

All Vietnamese people and those living in Vietnam.

2. Duration

From 16 June 2022 to 30 June 2022

3. Reward structure

Get 5% refund of total order value, applied for orders from 2,000,000 VND. For example:


  • (*) MICS prices are converted at the time of writing (MICS/BUSD = 0.0003).
  • For every 2,000,000 VND spent, you will get 100,000 VND (Spending 4,000,000 VND, you will get 200,000 VND back…)
  • Valid orders are calculated when the customer successfully purchases (Buyer confirms receipt of goods and completes payment to the shop).
  • Only applied for orders using vouchers on Vconomics.

4. How to participate

  • Step 1: Access Vconomics application and save vouchers 
  • Step 2: Be a shopaholic, and shop as you wish on ecommerce platforms using vouchers from Vconomics
  • Step 3: Wait for the results and get the rewards if you are on the winner list.

Read more about How to activate Voucher to get refund MICS

5. Note

  • MICS will be rewarded for successful orders after the review process (about 03-05 days from the date of goods receipt and payment).
  • The list of reward recipients will be announced 1 week after the end of the event.

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