Interesting features of Vuniverse — Spiritual Metaverse

Tính năng Vuniverse của Vconomics

Spiritual factors are critical parts of our lives. Therefore, Vuniverse was launched to spread essential spiritual values to users of the digital economy. With this feature, you can show your love, ideas and wishes to the community. Let’s explore Vuniverse.

1. Definition of Vuniverse

Vuniverse is a feature of Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy. It helps users to improve their spiritual lives, spread positive values and connect people.

Vuniverse has 3 practical products:

  • Vlove: Gift of Love
  • Vwish: Best wishes
  • Videa: Unique ideas

Vuniverse is a space to realize your wishes, plans and love. The feature not only creates spiritual values for people but also makes all your ideas, wishes and love come true.

2. What does Vuniverse have?

2.1. Vlove — Gift of Love

Vlove is love gift of love for everyone:

  • Couples sending Vlove to each other to express their seriousness in the relationship and wish for a prosperous & peaceful future.
  • Those who are alone can also send Vlove to their loved one with the meaning of “waiting for an acceptance”. The product encourages people to enter relationships and makes their spritual lives more interesting meaningful.
  • You can also send Vlove to your family members or loved ones. This is the humane meaning that Vlove brings to users.

2.2. Vwish — Best wishes

Vwish exists in the form of an NFT, with the main content being the wishes that someone sends to others or even him/herself. The wishes are not limited to the target audience but for the community as well.

You can send your wishes to those you haven’t seen for a long time or those you love but cannot meet in person. Even if it’s only brief sentences, the social significance will be widely disseminated.

Besides the spiritual values, Vwish also inherits the uniqueness and irreplaceability of NFTs (Non-fungible Token).

2.3. Videa – Unique ideas

Videa is a springboard for unique ideas to bloom in the NFT world. They are not limited by strict rules and regulations in real life, but are supported by the Decentralized Digital Economy.

Don’t worry that your ideas are insance and crazy as no one will judge or question their possibilities. This exciting playground will be the incubator of great creators with spectaculous imagination and ability.

If you send a wish out into the cosmos, it will be heard. If you send a brilliant idea, the world will remember you as a great person in 20 years.

3. Vuniverse Characteristics

3.1. The ability to connect

Vuniverse uses a digital platform to connect people and spread the value of love, dreams and wishes. The feature joints the gaps among people around the world.

Vconomics is more than just a finance-technology app; it’s also an unique spiritual bridge that connects individuals. Despite the fact that we are separated by thousands of kilometers, once the community is connected in Vuniverse, distances will be just plain numbers. Unlike other social networks that increases distance among people, Vuniverse in Vconomics ecosystem brings people together.

3.2. The spirit

On Vuniverse, you may digitize love, which is a spice of life. For a long-lasting relationship, Vlove is a highlight in their journey together, as well as an investment for the two. It will be an impressive wedding present which embodies precious memories.

3.3. The community

Vuniverse is a safe environment with growth potential. As long as you have a passion for connecting with the community, this feature is here to support you.

The spiritual metaverse is where big ideas gather by means of exceptional NFTs. The NFTs exist forever on Blockchain, which proves the eternal preservation of positive values.

3.4. The art

Ideas always pop-up surprisingly and inspiringly. Record and send them to the Vuniverse. Joining this spiritual metaverse also boosts your creativity.

You can show your personality by creating NFTs. This special type of goods is not limited to any form: NFTs are not only a work of art (NFT art), but it can simply a sentence or even a meme.

To conclude

Digitizing your spiritual life is no longer a fantasy with Vuniverse. Vlove, Vwish and Videa are tools for users to go through exciting emotions and explore the digital economy in a new, unique and modern way. With the support of Blockchain technology, Vuniverse promises to create a trend in global community.


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