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Defibattle: Vconomics HOT Play-To-Learn GameFi coming in April

Defibattle is an intellectual competition game with a unique Play-to-Learn model that has been released in April (Beta version) and June (Version 1) by Vconomics – Decentralized Digital Economy.

With attractive benefits for users, both intellectually and economically, Defibattle promises to create a ‘craze’ for global Vconomics users as well as those interested in new ways to make money in the technology age.

1. Defibattle: Pioneering in the Play-to-Learn GameFi wave

1.1. Defibattle – The ‘GameFi’ element in the Vconomics ecosystem

Defibattle is the pioneering game in the Play-to-Learn wave and will bring positive changes to the Play-to-Earn community.

New User Interface of Defibattle Version 1

Known as the outstanding digital economy application in the second half of 2021, Vconomics has brought amazing digital technology experiences to global users. Starting with creating, exchanging NFTs (with Vex, Vfactory), then turning ideas into money (with Vuniverse), Vconomics now enables users to:

”Play – To – Learn”

It’s thanks to the recently-added GameFi element in the ecosystem with the launch of the HOT GameFi Defibattle.

In addition to bringing a new and engaging Play-to-Learn gaming experience to users, Defibattle will expand the utilities and increase the value of MICS tokens in the Vconomics ecosystem. Vconomics will use 5% of each room’s total joining fee (in MICS) for:

  • Token burning (80%) 
  • Staking interest payment for Vpool (20%)

1.2. The ultimate Play-to-Learn GameFi experience for global users

As the perfect combination of Decentralized – GameFi – Battle, Defibattle brings an entertaining and knowledgeable experience with a range of attractive benefits to users. With increasing challenges and difficulties, players need to participate a lot to expand their knowledge, to earn tokens, NFTs, vouchers, … 

Defibattle is suitable for everyone, even for those who are not so familiar with crypto.  Furthermore, Defibattle gives players access to a huge wealth of knowledge with 10,000+ bilingual questions in many areas such as:

  • Vconomics
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Investment and Finance
  • Science and Life
  • Sports, Arts, and Entertainment
  • Etc…

2. Defibattle – A challenging playground for everyone

2.1. A challenging knowledge playground

Simple as it may seem, Defibattle players need to persistently improve their knowledge and skills to unlock new planets and earn rewards. It’s also a way to affirm your knowledge when reaching the top of the rankings.

2.2. Race to the top with global users

Unlike many traditional Play-to-earn games that require players to have a certain understanding of the crypto field or experience in fighting games beforehand, Defibattle is a playground for everyone. From those who are already knowledgeable about crypto and GameFi to newbies in these fields can easily join.

New rules for Practice Mode of Defibattle – ALL FREE

Possessing simple gameplay, and easy-to-understand graphics, Vconomics offers diverse game modes for users to experience and receive rewards:

  • Practice: Allow players to explore and play from easy to hard. From Version 1 in June 2022, players are able to join Practice mode 100% FREE and even EARN EXTRA MICS when complete all levels.
  • Battle: players are able to COMPETE with global players to receive various rewards.
  • Booster: special rooms opened on special occasions during the holidays, allowing users to receive huge rewards in a short time.
  • Death map: players with wrong answers will be kicked immediately from the room.
Player (Top 1) 70%

If you are a KOL, streamer, or influencer, become the owner and get 15% of the prize pool at the end of the game.

Those who are confident in their fields can become content creators and receive 10% of the prize pool for EACH time their questions are selected.

So what will a normal player get from Defibattle? Become the winner of the room and get 70% of the prize pool!

3. Attractive & unlimited rewards from Defibattle

Unlike existing Play-to-Earn games that only reward tokens or in-game items, Defibattle offers a diverse and unlimited reward opportunity for participants. 

In Phase 1 “Explore”, players have the opportunity to receive up to 70% of the prize pool in MICS.

In Phase 2 “Conquer”, players will be able to get tokens, NFTs, and vouchers when unlocking new maps (planets) and win the game. 

To unlock these new planets, players need to rank up by participating in multiple playrooms, improving game skills, and increasing knowledge.

To conclude

DeFibattle promises to become the hottest Play-to-Learn game in the near future thanks to its attractive benefits (both intellectually and economically). Download Vconomics now and be ready to become the hegemon of knowledge and receive unlimited rewards from DefiBattle!

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