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Vconomics & VIB: Increasing Credit Benefits For Vietnamese

Vconomics & VIB partnership

The cooperation between Vconomics & VIB will expand development opportunities for both businesses, and simultaneously bring practical benefits to Vietnamese people in the field of Finance, especially Credit.

The practicality of credit cards in modern life

2023 is predicted to be a year of many turning points for the economy, when Vietnam is on the rise with many multilateral cooperation relationships. In this situation, Credit will play an important role in conducting trade with developing countries, as well as contributing to the country’s prosperous economy in the long term.

Besides commercial credit, bank credit, and state credit, “consumer credit” is still the most typical and used form. It increasingly plays an important role in spending journey of each individual, especially in the context that e-commerce platforms, online shopping channels, etc. are flourishing like “mushrooms growing after the rain”. 

The speed of digital transformation of the Finance – Banking industry has contributed to bringing credit cards closer to modern consumers. They can go shopping, book tickets, pay bills… with just a few simple steps, and also track and manage their spending through banking apps.

If in the past, “credit” was still an unfamiliar keyword to Vietnamese people, now they have become an indispensable part of daily shopping. Credit card is no longer a product exclusively for businesses with large limits, but it is gradually approaching individual customers – those with small and medium spending needs, depending on their income level and conditions. consumption

Development potential of credit card in Vietnam

Promotions, cashback, long interest-free periods… are the reasons why users are interested in credit card products. Recognizing the practical needs of the people, Vconomics has cooperated with VIB (Vietnam International Bank) to bring the best products to users, ensuring fast and flexible payment with unlimited offers.

Mr. Nguyen The Cuong, CEO of Vconomics stated: “The potential for credit development in Vietnam is huge, especially in an open economy nowadays. Trade with other countries requires not only knowledge and experience, but also a reputable, secure, smart and preferential transaction channel. Credit cards can meet those criteria of modern users and will gradually become a trend, especially for the younger generation.”

With the cooperation with VIB, Vconomics will open the opportunity to open a free credit card with many attractive incentives:

  • Cashback when shopping, dining, healthcare… for all transactions supporting payment by VIB credit card, especially giving combo Grab Code 500,000 VND with card VIB Cash Back
  • Up to 6% cashback on online spending with VIB Online Plus 2in1
  • Exclusive access to unlimited airport lounges with  VIB Premiere Boundless
  • Get 500 liters of petrol per year with the card  VIB Happy Drive

With over 4 million users and hundreds of thousands of members participating in the communication network, Vconomics has a perfect opportunity to develop the credit system in Vietnam. The VIB representative also stated: “The cooperation between VIB and Vconomics can meet the credit needs of the majority market. I firmly believe that with quality credit products from VIB and a solid technology foundation from Vconomics, users can optimize their life experiences, take advantage of financial leverage to develop the economy, and have good spending habits”.

Diversified forms of cooperation between Vconomics and VIB

Vconomics and VIB not only cooperate in terms of communication, but also support each other in technology, finance, future development directions… Both companies aim to digitize the Finance – Banking industry. bringing many useful credit solutions to users in Vietnam.

Vconomics users can register to open a VIB credit card right on the app with just a few simple steps. Besides, gifts of up to 10,000 MICS and thousands of valuable gifts will be given by Vconomics to those who successfully register. Do not miss it!

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