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“Send Best Wishes – Shoot Lucky MICS” with NFT – officially out NOW & only on Vconomics!

Vconomics Send best wishes shoot lucky mics officially out now

When the year of the Tiger is about to come, Vconomics happily released “Send best wishes, shoot Lucky MICS”. This is a special event that allows Vconomics users to send out new year wishes as NFTs & ‘lucky MICS’ to their beloved ones and is unique to Vconomics – Decentralized Digital Economy!

1. Keeping up with the worldwide NFT trend

NFT does not only make a great impression on art, culture, sports… but it also strongly impact people’s spiritual life. All the ‘invisible’ entities such as people’s feelings, their wishes, and prayers… can be “NFT-ize” (tokenize) to be “visible” in a very unique way, which allows people from thousands of miles away to connect and share their dreams and cultures.

Developed on blockchain technology, NFT wishes are UNIQUE – IMPOSSIBLE and PERMANENT, which are the amazing advantages of Non-fungible tokens and help to enhance the spiritual value of wishes in the digital era.

2. Send best wishes – shoot lucky MICS at FREE charge

“Send best wishes, shoot Lucky MICS” is the chance for Vconomics from all over the world to express their feelings for their loved ones through greeting cards and lucky MICS.

  • Greeting cards: You can send meaningful messages or your best wishes in the digital space
  • Lucky MICS (also known as lucky money, red envelope): In the ‘red envelopes’ from Vconomics, you can add both greeting cards and lucky MICS and surprise your friends.

It’s totally FREE of charge when you choose to send greeting cards and shoot lucky MICS for global users. In case you want to make it extra special, you object to listing the NFT on blockchain space to keep your greeting cards (best wishes) unique and remain forever.

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3. Keep the Lunar New Year spirit and traditions

The element of “luck” is always emphasized in the new year. That is also the reason Vconomics gives out opportunities for Vconomics users to send “Lucky MICS” or interesting gifts to others, along with their best wishes for a bright, happy year to come.

The new year is right there at the door! That’s high time for us to welcome the ‘Tiger’ with beautiful meaningful, and humane NFT works. This special event has no restrictions: you are able to send interesting gifts (4.0 lucky MICS or NFT greeting cards) to your family, friends, or loved ones.

  • Creating unique, irreplaceable spiritual values ​​via NFT’s works
  • Spreading love, sympathy, and humane values ​​in Vconomics community
  • Sending meaningful gifts during the Lunar New Year 2022.

NFT greeting cards are ONLY available on Vconomics – Decentralized Digital Economy. This amazing feature promises to bring many interesting experiences to Vconomics users, and at the same time bring many surprises, luck, and joy to the community in the year to come.

Do not miss the opportunity to express your feelings and meaningful wishes to your loved ones!

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