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HOT: “Lac Loc Len Luon” – The special Lunar New Year Event is officially released!

Vconomics Lac Loc Len Luon special lunar new year event

On the very first days of the year of the Tiger, Vconomics proudly presents the Lunar New Year Special event “LAC LOC LEN LUON”. With a total prize value of up to 2.5 MILLION MICS, this event is a special thank-you to all Vconomics users, who have supported and trusted in us since day one!

1. Who to participate?

Vconomics users from all over the world are welcomed to join this special Lunar New Year event! There is no country restriction for this special lunar new year event.

2. Duration

The event is from January 29, 2022 to February 28, 2022.

3. How to participate?

Users will have the opportunity to “Lac Loc” – open the lucky box once a day. “Loc” can be a random amount of MICS or a gift code.

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4. Rewards

The total prize of “Lac Loc Len Luon” is up to 2,500,000 MICS and full of surprises:

  • Amazing gifts with value from 03 MICS to 500,000 MICS
  • A giftcode which correspondent to the specific amount of MICS
  • Meaningful new year wishes with valuable MICS gifts

5. Notes

  • The gifted MICS will be added Vconomics wallet immediately after users “Lac Loc” – open the lucky box and the gift is shown on the screen.
  • After opening a lucky box and getting amazing gifts from “Lac Loc Len Luon”, you can share your Loc with your friends on Facebook, Zalo, Telegram, Twitter!

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