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What does VECOM Chairman say about Vconomics?

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung (Dzung Nguyen), Chairman at Vietnam E-commerce Association is the first to join Vconomics Marketing Advisory board. With a specific strategy, he helps Vconomics enhance its brand name in the international digital market.

1. Mr. Dzung Nguyen in the field of technology

Mr. Dzung Nguyen (Nguyen Ngoc Dung) is currently the Chairman and Chief Representative of VECOM Ho Chi Minh City. He is also a Lecturer and Advisor on E-Commerce in University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City; a Consultant and Legal Trainer in E-Commerce and Communication for universities and training centers. Furthermore, Mr. Dzung launched and was invited to be the judge of many contests in E-commerce.

As the representative of VECOM, an e-commerce leader in Vietnam, Mr. Dzung Nguyen recognizes the importance of technology to all aspects of life, especially in the field of business, commercial and finance.

To optimize business performance, it is imperative to innovate and update technological advances in the world. In the current time with COVID-19 pandemic being a big issue, he stated: “To strive through this volatile period and develop sustainably, businesses must actively build online channels and use technology to turn risks into opportunities.”

Technology and business are inseparable terms in the 4.0 Digital Era. As one of the pioneers in digital transformation area, Mr. Dzung Nguyen promotes firms to apply technology in their business systems.

2. “Vconomics is a potential application in the digital financial market”

The above comment is what Mr. Dzung Nguyen said about Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy. He is quick to grasp the latest developments in technology as well as market changes, which is the reason for his interest in diverse features of Vconomics: “Credit scoring, peer-to-peer transactions, NFT trading, etc., all integrated in a single app. Vconomics will positively assist the change in digital financial market.”

In the future, Mr. Dzung Nguyen will join the founder team to develop Vconomics, a Finance — Technology application with outstanding development. Users will be able to experience the digital economy with more interesting and intuitive utilities, at the same time receive practical values.

“The fact that we are in the midst of a digital transformation era with a huge number of potential consumers eager to join the digital economy is an advantage of Vconomics. How to harness that potential is both an opportunity and a concern for Vconomics. I’m here to help them resolve that problem.” Mr. Dzung Nguyen mentioned.

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3. Becoming Vconomics Marketing advisor

Referring to the role of Vconomics Marketing advisor, Mr. Dzung Nguyen said he would help orient unique and effective business strategies. With decades of experience, he shares valuable lessons about:

  • Objectives and development orientation of the project.
  • Market analysis, business outcome analysis and competitors research in the market.
  • Assessment of the Blockchain market growth potential and opportunities for the project
  • Necessary information for highest return on investment.
  • Key decision-making process of management levels.
  • Comprehensive development strategy based on relationships and work experience.

To conclude

Mr. Dzung Nguyen decided to become Vconomics Marketing advisor as he believes in the founder team, the project’s foundation and operational system. With the flexible application of Blockchain technology as well as smart strategies of founders and advisors, Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy promises to achieve greater success in the long way ahead.

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