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[RECAP] AMA 19th Nov. 2021: Personal Finance Management in the 4.0 Digital Era

On November 12, 2021, Vconomics users had the opportunity to talk with the founder team and a special guest — Mr. Ngo Van Tau. The three speakers discussed personal financial management methods and introduced useful features of Vconomics that can help users increase their income.

1. Details

Time: 13:00 UTC Friday, 19 Nov. 2021

Format: Livestream Facebook


Mr. Nguyen The Cuong: Co-Founder, CEO of Vconomics

Mr. Tran Duc Thong: Co-Founder, CTO of Vconomics

Mr. Ngo Van Tau: Chairman at RUNSYSTEM

Along with thousands of MICS rewards those who actively interact with the show.

2. Recap

Host: What is your point of view about the traditional personal finance management guide which suggests that we should make a certain financial plan for the future?

Co-Founder & CEO: We should make short-term plans, at the same time learn more about investment. There is no need to make a long-term plan when you do not have enough knowledge and experience as your plan will not be realistic.

Host: Personal finance management always embodies risk at a certain level, especially in the digital era. How to limit the risks and set up a personal financial insurance fund in the Vconomics ecosystem? (Question from user Nguyen Hong Kong)

Co-Founder & CTO: Risk management is a part of personal finance management and should be taken into consideration when making a plan. The upcoming feature of Vconomics ecosystem named Vpool allows users to deposit BTC/ETH/USDT/BNB and get profits.

Host: To manage personal finances, knowledge of public finance in general is important. Could you share some basic knowledge about macro finance that assists personal financial management?

Co-Founder & CEO: First of all, it is necessary to diversify income sources and set aside fund for saving or investing, which means that knowledge about stocks, real estate and socio-economics is important.

Host: What differentiates Vconomics from other projects that attracts you to be the advisor of the project?

Chairman at RUNSYSTEM: I have spent years in developed countries like Japan and also experienced financial services in Vietnam, finding that the services are not up to my expectation. Financial institutions keep users’ credit information private, resulting in customers having to repeatedly going through credit scoring process when approaching different financial service providers. In contrast, Vconomics stores user credit information on blockchain platform, which ensures transparency while saves time and costs for both other financial institutions and service users. This is a great idea that can revolutionize the way Vietnamese financial institutions work and give users more benefits. In addition, features such as Vlending, Vpool or Vacademy promise to provide social welfare to Vietnamese community as well as countries with similar economic patterns. Vconomics is an interesting and unique project.

Host: Can you name some of the current partners that help Vconomics provide users with the most suitable services?

Co-Founder & CEO: In addition to venture capitalists and advisors from leading companies, Vconomics will cooperate with banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to provide personalized products based on customer insights.

Host: Should I use my emergency fund to invest?

Chairman at RUNYSTEM: If there is nothing too urgent, you can use that emergency fund for small and short-term investments, maybe in weeks or months.

Host: How to keep financial and digital assets safe in the 4.0 digital era with a big problem of hacking and identity theft. Is the security system of Vconomics safe for users? (Question from user Dao Duc Chien)

Co-Founder & CTO: Technology has downsides, too. For example, personal information is exposed and exploited. Everyone needs to be educated about cyber security. Vconomics with years of experience aims at a sustainable product. Personal information is encrypted, which ensures data privacy for users.

Host: How do you see Financial Literacy of crypto people regarding personal management processes? Isn’t it the first issue that must be solved? (Question from user Tolga)

Co-Founder & CTO: This is absolutely true. Technology makes financial management easier, but basic financial knowledge and mindset are important, too. In addition, you should not completely depend on a certain financial product but continuously seek one that is right for you.

Host: Is there passive income from Vconomics ecosystem? (Question from user Nguyen Hong Kong)

Co-Founder & CEO: Vpool is a place where you could get passive income in Vconomics. You can deposit BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT into Vpool and earn interest in MICS or staking. Besides, there is Vconomics NFT that allows you to create and trade NFTs and Vacademy where you can Learn-to-Earn with super short finance courses

3. Ending

The AMA 03 event with the guest speaker Mr. Ngo Van Tau has received huge attention from the audience. Hopefully, this summary will provide you with an overview of personal financial management in the digital age, as well as Vconomics features that assist your finance management. Stay tuned for the next issue of AMA with more interesting guests and topics.

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