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DTS Chairman Leon Truong: “Digitalize the economy is inevitable”

Technology is changing our daily lives and digitalizing the economy is an inevitable step. Mr. Leon Truong — Chairman of DTS gave an overview about the economy in general and mention Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy project.

1. Mr. Leon Truong, a digital transformation pioneer

Mr. Leon Truong (Truong Gia Bao) used to hold the positions of Director of Business Development at e-commerce platform, FPT Telecom Product Director, Project Director, founder of Fsend service, as well as Marketing and Product Director of FPT Online. Currently, Mr. Leon Truong is the Chairman at Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Enterprises (DTS Group). Having worked in big corporations helps Mr. Leon Truong to accumulate in-depth experience and establish himself as a prominent specialist in the field of e-commerce and technology. He is frequently sought out for coaching and speaking at conferences and training courses.

Mr. Truong Gia Bao is one of those who set the pioneer in the journey to digitalize the economy. He has built a business supporting system, come up with ideas to limit the impact of COVID-19 pandemic and connected businesses across the country.

As a person who quickly grasps the changes of the market, he has paid much attention to Vconomics. Despite being launched for such a short time, Vconomics has received huge attention from users worldwide and made its way to an impressive position in financial applications rankings. This emerging technology has won the heart of global users, which is the reason why Mr. Leon Truong became a Marketing advisor of Vconomics to further enhance the “Decentralized Digital Economy” brand name.

2. What does Mr. Leon Truong say about Vconomics?

Vconomics is built on Blockchain platform with features relating to credit scoring, peer-to-peer transactions, staking, creating and trading NFTs, etc. It creates a safe and transparent environment for both businesses and users. The application has brought practical value to the community through AMA (Ask Me Anything) series on ​​Vconomics Facebook page. This weekly event strengthens the trust of global users, answers questions about the project, gives away free MICS, as well as creates an opportunity for viewers to meet leading experts in the field of Blockchain and digital transformation.

Mr. Leon Truong highly appreciated this project, saying that: “The Vconomics ecosystem itself is relatively complete and meets a variety of user needs. Digitalizing the economy just got easier within a few intuitive touches.”

Vconomics’ goal is to bring NFT and financial services based on understanding and transparency. That is also the vision and mission of the project. Mr. Leon agrees with this idea, saying that: “NFT has a lot to be exploited. Taking advantage of this commodity, Vconomics can win big in a short time.”

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3. “I will do my best for Vconomics further development”

That is the commitment of Mr. Leon Truong as a Marketing advisor for Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy. Not only advising on overall digital transformation, he is also directly involved in the process of strategic planning for investment, business and media communication.

“Technology is the only ‘key’ to our success in this digital era,” he said. “Taking advantage of every opportunity in Blockchain area is the right direction that Vconomics is following. We will continue to improve useful features for the ecosystem, at the same time accelerate development pace to meet the need of rapidly increasing number of users around the world.” — Mr. Leon Truong shared.

To conclude

The race among digital transformation businesses is still happening. Vconomics absolutely has another huge opportunity with the potential NFT market, referring to the comment of Mr. Leon Truong. In the future, the project promises to achieve great milestones and affirm the value of a “Decentralized Digital Economy”.

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