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Vscore: The FREE and interesting credit scoring feature of Vconomics


Vscore is a smart financial assistant and an effective tool for Vconomics users in the field of finance and banking. This FREE credit scoring function not only provides an enjoyable experience but also promotes economic momentum, helping to connect credit needs with safety, security, and transparency criteria.

1. Why do you need a credit score?

The credit score represents an individual’s credit history according to international rating standards. Based on the set of standards provided by Vscore, individuals are able to know their credit scores and evaluate their credibility when using financial services.

The higher your credit score, the easier and quicker it is for you to get approved for a loan. This is recognized in both real-life and virtual economies like Vconomics. In the Vconomics community, financial institutions can also rely on your Vscore credit score to approve your financial requests or not.

Vscore will help you to know your “financial health”, thereby helping you to be more financially independent and have a certain plan for long-term economic goals.

2. Vscore rating

Vscore’s credit rating is as below:

Under 450Very poor
450 – 549Poor
550 – 699Good
700 – 799Excellent
800 – 850Premier League

3. Who needs to know their credit score?

Everyone needs to know their credit score to evaluate their own “financial health”. The credit score does matter when it comes to unsecured loans at banks or large and reputable credit institutions. This is a tool to measure your borrowing ability and to decide the loan limit that one can disburse to you.

Also, when you participate in Vlending (Vconomics’s P2P platform), the credit score is also an important criterion for you to make a peer-to-peer loan, whether you are a borrower or a lender.

4. Vscore — The financial assistant for Vietnamese people

4.1. FREE credit scoring

Users’ credit scores will be calculated based on the set of criteria thanks to Big Data and AI technology. Based on qualitative and quantitative modeling, the system will evaluate your credit profile then give out a reliable credit score. This is a measure of your credibility when using financial services at banks and financial institutions, especially in the form of loans.

4.2. Connecting financial needs

Vscore is the connection for financial needs between users. Whether you are a borrower, bank/financial institution, or someone who is looking for customers with credit needs, this product is perfectly suitable.

  • Borrowers will use Vscore to access transparent information on loan packages, interest rates, loan conditions, loan processes, and procedures, then access to lending institutions; which provide free advice, and support.
  • Banks/Financial Institutions will use Vscore to evaluate users’ credit records visually and quickly. They are all trusted partners of Vscore, ensuring users enjoy a safe and transparent financial environment.
  • Bank staff will use Vscore to find potential customers. When they become Vscore’s partners, they will have access to those with credit needs, thereby saving time in searching for records, improving their monthly revenue.

5. Conclusion

Vscore is going to be the key to solving the different financial needs, whether in real-life or the decentralized digital economy Vconomics. This feature is also an effective “financial assistant”, helping users to be more proactive in their personal finances.

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