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Vconomics – Free Credit Scoring Application and Global Financial Services Provider

Vconomics is a decentralized digital economy with a financial services ecosystem based on Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence. The following article gives you an overview of the project, so stay tuned!

1. Remarkable achievements

Vconomics is a product of FINATECH Limited Liability Company (LLC). Despite being launched recently, Vconomics has achieved memorable milestones:

  • More than 500,000 members registered after 5 months of launch.
  • Nearly 52,000,000 MICS allocated
  • TOP 23 HOT financial apps on Google Play.
  • TOP 24 HOT financial apps on the App Store.
  • Sustainable growth with 5,000 new members per day.
  • Tens of thousands of members joining the community group.

2. What is the reason for Vconomics to keep its attraction?

2.1. All-in-one Ecosystem

Vconomics is a decentralized economy where everything is decided by everyone on the Blockchain network and Smart Contracts. The application has a diverse ecosystem with  features:

  • Vscore: FREE Credit Scoring (Launched in December 2020)
  • Vfactory: FREE NFTs Creating Factory (Launched in September 2021)
  • Vex: NFTs Exchange (Launched in September 2021)
  • Vuniverse: Spirit Universe (To be launched in December 2021)
  • Vacademy: 4.0 Financial Academy (To be launched in December 2021)
  • Vpool: Staking and Savings Fund (To be launched in January 2021)
  • Vlending: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform (To be launched in February 2021)

2.2. Experienced Founders and Advisors

Vconomics is a product of FINATECH Limited Liability Company (LLC). The application was built by two extremely enthusiastic and experienced founders, CEO Mr. Nguyen The Cuong and CTO Mr. Tran Duc Thong. In addition, the project receives cooperation from big names in the industry:

  • Mr. Kalidas Ghose – Vice Chairman & CEO at FE Credit
  • Mr. Ngo Van Tau – Chairman at RUNSYSTEM 
  • Mr. Nguyen Tan Minh – Vice Chairman at RUNSYSTEM
  • Mr. Dzung Nguyen – Chairman at VECOM
  • Mr. Leon Truong – Chairman at DTS Group
  • Mr. Cris D. Tran – Deputy CEO at Galaxy One, FAM Central Co-Founder

2.3. Investment from Large Venture Capital Firms

With the rapid growth and diverse ecosystem, Vconomics receives investment from 6 large Venture Capital firms including:

The 6 firms are all big names in the cryptocurrency investment market. They are not only investors but also advisors of the project. Besides financial support, the venture capital firm also helps Vconomics create specific plans to achieve its goals. The collaboration will help Vconomics “win big” in the Blockchain and crypto market, especially in the unprecedented quick pace of technology development.

2.4. Multidisciplinary Partners

Vconomics not only cooperates with businesses in the field of Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Digital Transformation, etc. but also expands the market to reach a diversity of customers in order to bring practical values to the community. The development partners of Vconomics include:

  • RUNSYSTEM: A company in the software development industry, providing IT solutions and IT services for Vietnam and Japan market.
  • InfoQ: An online market research brand of GMO Research company under GMO Internet Group, the leading company in the field of market research in Japan with more than 40 websites and tens of millions of members all over the world.
  • Tenten: A domain name registration company under RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company. The company develops hosting, VPS, e-mail server and other related services.

3. What does the media say about Vconomics?

3.1. Vnexpress

Vconomics is introduced in the category of “Digitalization – Technology” of VnExpress. According to the article, all features of the application are personalized to fit each user’s need using Artificial and Blockchain technology. In addition, the article also clarifies the project’s vision and advisors, providing an intuitive overview of the decentralized digital economy for readers.

Read more about Vconomics HERE.

3.2. CRVN Capital

Understanding the importance and influence of Blockchain technology in the future, CRVN Capital (CryptoLeakVn’s investment fund focusing on Blockchain and Crypto projects) has cooperated with Vconomics. 

Read more about the partnership announcement HERE.

3.3. Coincu

Coincu, the world’s leading news site about cryptocurrencies with updated investment information, has posted an article about Vconomics in which the project is spoken highly of. Vconomics is stated to provide outstanding features and bring benefits to the community”. Coincu also explained in detail the digital economy and 6 features of the ecosystem including: Vscore, Vfactory, Vex, Vpool, Vlending, Vuniverse.

Continue reading the article HERE.

3.4. DEO Network

DEO Network has a strategy of investing in sustainable companies with good growth. That’s the reason why they chose Vconomics – a digital economy project with steady steps and rapid development. Although it has only been launched for 5 months, the application has reached impressive achievements, built an active community and gradually completed its business roadmap.

Continue reading the detailed article HERE.

3.5. KV Ventures

KV Ventures with more than 20,000 members is currently one of the most active communities in the field of investing in crypto, NFT, DeFi projects. This venture capital firm chooses Vconomics for the following reasons: comprehensive ecosystem; experienced founders and advisors; practical values brought to the community. 

Refer to the detailed post HERE.

To conclude

Vconomics is not only a credit scoring application and global financial services provider, but also an ecosystem with most attractive and modern features. With the customer centric mindset, Vconomics promises to bring more practical values, develop features based on users needs and promote cooperation with large enterprises to optimize benefits for the community.

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