Protect your crypto wallet: Turn off this feature on Telegram !

Recently, a cybersecurity expert nicknamed CIA Officer has warned Telegram users about a malicious code called “Smoke Night”. Read the following article now to learn how to protect your account and crypto wallet!

According to the CIA Officer, Smoke Night malware is very dangerous because it takes advantage of Telegram’s automatic file download feature to spread malicious code, users infected with this malicious code, the risk of having their cryptocurrency wallet stolen is very high.

“Telegram users should be aware, Smoke Night malware is very dangerous, it can copy your login information and steal your cryptocurrency wallet,” warned the CIA Officer.

CIA Officer describes:

“Smoke Night is easy to spread because hackers just need to send an infected file to any group chat, Telegram’s automatic download feature will download this malicious code to the victim’s computer, then the that code will access the activity history and take a screenshot of the victim to send to a server managed by the hacker.”

Even if the victim does not open the infected file, the hacker can copy important information on the device.

In particular, the CIA Officer said that hackers often drop this type of malicious code into cryptocurrency groups, because their purpose is to steal cryptocurrency.

Finally, the CIA Officer advises Telegram users, especially crypto investors, to immediately turn off the auto-download feature on Telegram to avoid wallet theft.

To disable Telegram’s auto-download feature, do the following:

  • On the phone: Go to Settings -> Data & Storage -> Automatic Media Download -> Disabled All.
  • On the computer: Settings -> Advance -> Automatic Media Download -> Private chats, groups, channels -> Files -> Disabled.

Be careful of “Smoke Night” malware and keep your crypto wallet safe! If you find the information useful, please share the article with your community!

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