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Vex exchange and its compelling features

Sàn giao dịch NFT Vex của Vconomics

With the development of science and technology, people’s need to exchange digital art works, assets, intellectual property, etc. through blockchain technology is increasing. To optimize user experience, the Vconomics ecosystem comes up with the Vex. This is a place that allows users to buy, sell and trade decentralized NFT items with interesting features.

1. What is Vex?

Vex is the abbreviation of V-Exchange, in other words, Vex is the exchange of Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy. The term Exchange has shown all the important roles of Vex: a trade center where securities, derivatives, and other financial instruments are traded transparently, quickly, and securely.

Created by the smart contract, Vex will ensure fairness in transactions without the need for certification from a third party. Unlike traditional exchanges (trading floors) that only allow trading at a specific location, Vex applies advanced algorithms to support users from all over the world, creating a playground for creators, investors, or collectors of antiques 4.0.

Vex will stimulate the circulation of NFT goods, at the same time bring a new economic form to people in the technology age. Users can use MICS to buy and sell these digital products, and also mine NFT on different blockchains.

2. Features of Vex

2.1. Centralized listing

The listing of Vex will help improve the business reputation of NFT issuers and increase the credibility of investors thanks to the transparency of information posted through the blockchain system. This exchange also improves the liquidity of P2P transactions, facilitates transfers, and develops the Vconomics ecosystem.

For the centralized listing form, Vex can bring many benefits to participants. Whether you enter this playground as a buyer or a seller, for investment or collectible purposes, you can benefit from trading NFT items.

  • For buyers: You can review the information of the products displayed at the Vex “market” before deciding to purchase them. The variety of shopping items will help you make the right choices, in accordance with your needs and preferences. In addition, you can limit the risk of being scammed thanks to the transparency of information in NFT products, totally overcome of the limitation of buying fake and counterfeit goods (because NFT on Vex system ensures the criteria of exclusiveness, explicitly attesting to the author)
  • For sellers: With Vex’s centralized nature, items will be gathered and classified by groups, which helps sellers to reach target customers more easily. In addition, the safety of buying and selling transactions will be ensured thanks to the application of blockchain’s security technology. Furthermore, sellers can assert their NFT quality and value through the Vex exchange and gradually increase the value of items when they ensure their creativity, uniqueness, and even rarity.

2.2. Decentralized Transactions

Vex ensures that buying and selling transactions are decentralized, meaning there is no influence from a third party and no management from any organization or individual.

For example: You want to send your best friend, who is thousands of kilometers away, a certain amount of money. You two must go through an intermediary bank to perform online transactions. In fact, the money you transfer to your best friend is still held by the bank, the change here is just the balance up and down in your accounts. Thus, you and your best friend are both under the control of a third party — the bank. This sometimes puts you in certain risky situations such as transferring money by mistake that cannot be recovered or losing your own money due to the negligence of the online transaction system.

With Vex, all those problems will be overcome. Players can safely trade NFT products based on the buyer-seller relationship without any influence from third parties.

Even Vex does not participate in your buying-selling process, this exchange only performs the task of listing goods centrally with public and transparent information. The feature creates an NFT exchange community through free and unconventional services.

2.3. Trading in MICS

MICS acts as equals and are used by the Vconomics user community. This will be the only token accepted in NFT transactions at Vex. In other words, encrypted products will all be priced in MICS. The systematization of cryptocurrency helps users enjoy Vconomics’ services more smoothly, at the same time helps you better manage cash flows.

The value of the MICS coin increases over time as the user community grows, thus, trading in this virtual currency can be considered a smart investment method. If you are new to Vex and do not have enough MICS to buy and sell NFT, deposit other cryptocurrencies like BTC/ETH/USDT to Vpool to receive interest in MICS. On the other hand, you can borrow MICS against collateral cryptocurrencies like BTC/ETH/USDT with Vpool. This solution brings convenience when trading, promotes trading activities, and improves exchange features on Vex exchange.

2.4. Reliability

Vex wins users’ trust thanks to blockchain technology — the world’s most transparent and secured platform. Users can trade NFTs with infinite value, free pricing, and quick checkout within a few simple steps. Reliability is not only reflected in the trading activity but also in the unique value of NFT when this item is brought to the Vex market. They are independently certified items that do not overlap with other products, which makes NFT items attractive.

2.5. Value-added services

Vconomics allows users to enjoy different types of services. Each “chapter” in the Vconomics “book” has unique values ​​to bring to readers (users), which generates interesting, exciting, and emotional feelings. Vex’s value-added services are examples. Users not only discover exchanges but also g use MICS as a tool to shape the economy. Besides NFT items, Vex offers attractive rewards when you make successful transactions, refer friends to Vex, etc.

In conclusion

Asset digitization is the trend of the 21st century, which is also the development potential of the digital economy: bringing profits to people and increasing utility in the 4.0 technology era. Vex acts as an intermediary system to help users exchange, buy and sell NFT products. Whether you join for the purpose of trading or investing, storing or collecting, Vex can meet your demands perfectly. Join Vconomics today to experience the great utilities of Vconomics and Vex!

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