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The first screen of Defibattle – GameFi “Play-to-Learn” of Vconomics

Gamefi - coming soon

1. What is “GameFi”?

GameFi = Game + Fi

GameFi is a term that combines Gaming (Game) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This is a term that refers to the variety of financial mechanisms that allow users to make a profit from playing games.

“GameFi” has a close relationship with the “Play-to-Earn” model. Although the keyword is “Gaming”, the substance “Finance” is the most important thing that users are concerned about.

2. Sneak Peek: “The Defibattle first screen”

2.1. What is “Play-to-Learn” in Defibattle?

“You Play but you can still Learn”

2.1.1. “Play” elements in Defibattle?

Players can participate in an entertaining GameFi with interesting modes. In addition to an user friendly interface, Defibattle also has an appealing “level up” roadmap. This GameFi promises to bring about relaxing moments and exciting emotions in the competition with users around the world.

2.1.2. “Learn” elements in the Defibattle?

DefiBattle is designed in the form of intellectual challenges in many fields of industry. The purpose of it will spread interesting knowledge about:

  • Financial markets
  • Blockchain
  • Life and Science
  • Art, Entertainment
  • Natural Science
  • Sport
  • Etc.

2.2.  The diversity in the Defibattle

2.2.1 The diversity in Playing Modes

In the Beta version, Defibattle will test in two mode:

  • Single
  • Multiplayer

You can play in single mode to practice by your own effort first. Once you are confident enough and familiar with the Play-to-Learn model, you can create a room and send the room ID address to everyone to challenge them. After the Beta trial, “Defibattle” will upgrade more game modes for users to experience.

2.2.2. The diversity in Participants

DefiBattle does not limit the age, gender, region, country, etc. of players. Participants can be anyone around the world regardless of career. Even if you are a newbie in Crypto, you still can join this game to “ Play-To-Learn”.

  • Vietnamese, Foreigner
  • KOL, livestreamer
  • Creator/content freelancer
  • Newbie in Crypto
  • Crypto-lover
  • Etc.

2.2.3. The diversity in Fields of Knowledge

DefiBattle is oriented according to the theme of exploring the universe, so it forces you to try your best to overcome quiz challenges to unlock planets. To conquer the planets, you have to fight and train for sure. So many questions on diverse fields will make you never feel  bored while playing the game.

3. To conclude

Generally, Defibattle is expected to create a “fever” in the global community by potential prizes (MICS, NFT, token, voucher. etc) , attractive content, mysterious themes, diverse fields of knowledge, etc. In addition, “DefiBattle” will help burn the token according to Vconomics strategy, creating MICS scarcity and enhancing token value.

There is a lot of interesting information about DefiBattle that will be revealed in the upcoming time. Stay tuned for the Beta version in April! If you have any questions or concerns when using Vconomics app, feel free to contact the Vconomics support team at [email protected] for support.

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