Staking feature Vpool and its utilities in the Digital Economy

Quỹ tiết kiệm Vpool của Vconomics

MICS is traded in a variety of ways in Vconomics ecosystem. It’s the only token that can be used for exchange, payment, transfer and value storage in Vconomics. Vpool was created to make it easier for customers to join Vconomics ecosystem by allowing them to stake MICS with attractive interest rates and flexible terms.

1. What is Vpool

Vpool is Vconomics saving fund where users can stake MICS with attractive interest rate. In Vpool, users can:

  • Deposit/Stake MICS flexible or locked terms. Users can stake MICS from Spot wallet or Blockchain wallet on Vconomics app with interest rate up to 20%.
  • Convert BTC/ETH/USDT/BUSD/BNB, etc. for MICS at fixed rates.

Vpool currently has 02 main savings options:

1.1. Flexible savings

With flexible savings are, users can enjoy interest rates on a daily basis but not on a fixed term. Vpool’s flexible interest rate is 4.5% APY (*). Interest is calculated starting at 7 a.m the next day.

(*): APY – Annual Percentage Yield: actual annual profit rate.

1.2. Locked Savings

With locked savings, users can withdraw both principal and interest after a certain time of depositing, according to an agreement with Vpool. Deposit term is very diverse, ranging from 3 to 12 months. For each term, there is a different interest rate. The longer the term, the higher the deposit interest rate.

2. Vpool Characteristics

2.1. No third parties

All deposit, exchange or savings orders in Vpool are done transparently without third parties. This also demonstrates the core nature of blockchain technology.

2.2. High interest rate

Interest rate in Vpool is competitive and brings great value to users.

DurationInterest Rate
3 months12%
6 months15%
9 months18%
12 months20%

As can be seen, the preferential interest rates for stakers bring interesting fluctuations to Vconomics market, at the same time provide an effective economic solution to global users.

2.3. Privacy & Security

As a financial services provider, Vpool ensures safety for storing cryptocurrencies. This feature can provide financial services such as wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and savings in different terms.

With Vpool, a person can perform normal transactions such as depositing MICS, withdrawing MICS, converting other cryptocurrencies into MICS, etc. All of the above processes are made transparent and secured thanks to Blockchain system, without confirmation and proof from any third party.

3. Vpool & its utilities

3.1. Economic values

Vpool can bring huge economic benefits to users. You not only enjoy preferential interest rates but also maintain a stable value for MICS. Vpool contributes to improving the decentralized digital economy Vconomics, investment environment and NFT market.

Users can also stake their tokens and earn interest on investment. This process helps to create liquidity in the market where money is created and the money supply is maintained.

3.2. Promote cashflow

The flow of virtual currency never disappears because of the increasingly powerful development of blockchain technology. Understanding that, Vconomics believes that Vpool will help liquidate cashflows and connect Vpool and users.

3.3. Prevent asset deterioration

Vpool allows users to convert cryptocurrencies to MICS tokens at a fixed rate. Just like BTC, ETH, BUSD, BNB, etc. having witnessed dramatic growth, MICS also has a promising future. 

Using MICS to invest or trade brings about an interesting twist in the financial revolution, or in other words, transform the latest digital currency cash flows. The value of this virtual currency will not be lost but will also be enhanced when users know how to invest and save appropriately.

To Conclude

Vpool creates a driving force for Vconomics and its token, MICS. With assurance, transparency and durability, Vpool brings benefits to all users. Thanks to this feature, users can have an enhanced experience in Vconomics ecosystem.

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