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RECAP TEXT AMA – May 31, 2022: New partnerships & Defibattle coming back

On May 31, 2022, in the Text AMA held in Vconomics Vietnamese Telegram community, Vconomics Co-Founder & CEO answered questions and concerns about the partnership with AccessTrade, the release of Defibattle version 1, and future plan of releasing new feature Vlending. 

1. Details

Time: 13:00 UTC Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Format: Text AMA on Vconomics Vietnamese Telegram community

With the participation of Mr. Nguyen The Cuong, Co-Founder & CEO of Vconomics

2. Recap

Host: What is the difference between Defibattle version 1 and Defibattle Beta version (which had been released in April 2022)?

Co-Founder & CEO: Basically, Defibattle is still a multiple-choice quiz game. However, there are many changes and updates against the last version (Beta version)

– The UI has been completely updated

– Practice mode is now completely FREE to play. Users can even get rewarded when successfully completing the levels of each topic.

In addition, during the past month, the team almost rebuilt Defibattle for a better UI, and better user experience.

Original answer HERE.

Host: To what extent has Defibattle version 1 been completed and developed?

Co-Founder & CEO: Currently, version 1 allows creating rooms to play and battle with global players. By version 2, Defibattle will have deadmap mode and allows players to participate in creating questions.

Moreover, the game will become a Play-to-Earn platform. In which, three objects can be earned, including:

– Room Owner

– Winner

– Content Creator

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Host: What is AccessTrade and what benefits will Vconomics cooperating with AccessTrade bring to users?

Co-Founder & CEO:  AccessTrade is the largest Affiliate platform in Vietnam (origin from Japan).

Vconomics cooperates with AccessTrade to bring many preferential vouchers every day to the Vconomics community. These vouchers are for online shopping on popular e-commerce sites like Tiki, Lazada.

In particular, you will be rewarded with a certain number of MICS after successful purchase.

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Host: What is the project’s roadmap and upcoming plans?

Co-Founder & CEO: Based on the actual market assessment and the progress in the POW to POS change of the ethereum network, we predict the Defi trend will return soon, possibly Defi 2.0.

Therefore, the team decided to change the roadmap, launch Vlending earlier to be ready to welcome the defi 2.0 wave in the fourth quarter.

It is expected that Vlending version 1 will be released around the end of July or the beginning of August 8.

In addition, during this time, the marketing team will promote the development of partners. AccessTrade is an example of focusing on building a partner system to increase value and diversify services for users.

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Question from user @Lazycool198: Why doesn’t MICS list the small exchanges first and then list the larger ones?

Co-Founder & CEO: Previously, the project team did not list MICS on small exchanges because the small exchanges are mostly virtual liquidity and the cost of listing is not cheap. Currently, the team is still selecting goodwill exchanges to list.

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Question from user Nguyễn Văn Thơm: How is the long-term strategy for the development of the ecosystem to develop the MICS coin and have a certain place in the cryptocurrency market?

Co-Founder & CEO: Vconomics orients sustainable development through building good products, strong community for long-term.

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Question from user @Dloren1: Why don’t MICS add more liquidity and push MICS price back to FlashSale price?

Co-Founder & CEO: To ensure transparency and safety, the Liquidity Pool on Pancake has been locked by the project team after listing until July 20, 2022.

At the end of the lock time, the team will add the pool according to the fact.

Original answer HERE

Question from user @haimeadi: When will MICS list Binance exchange?

Co-Founder & CEO: Listing Binance is a lengthy process. If the Vconomic community becomes stronger and more cohesive, I believe that in the near future we can list on Binance.

Original answer HERE

Question from user @ad1787457895: Will the project side set up the MICS price chart on the App in the near future? Is there a plan to trade MICS like other exchanges?

Co-Founder & CEO: This is a very good idea. The team will note on the development roadmap in the near future.

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Question from user @a3456566: Will the Vconomics team develop the “Move-to-Earn” project in the future? Because Move-to-Earn is very popular and hot: The combination of activities to both improve health and earn money will make even the laziest people excited. 

Co-Founder & CEO: We define credit and Defi as our core product/service. The team will not add features like Move-to-Earn to the app even though Move-to-Earn is a big trend.

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3. To Conclude

Vconomics AMA in which users’ questions are directly answered by the founder team has attracted huge interaction from the Vconomics community. Hopefully this summary will answer your concerns about the cooperation with AccessTrade, release of Defibattle version 1, Vlending and future plans of the project. Don’t forget to follow Vconomics communication channels to keep updated with the latest news of the project.

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