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GODSEND: Lucky Number Live Spinning everyday at 12:30 (UTC) on Vconomics

“Godsend” is a lucky number event everyday at 12:30 (UTC) exclusively on Vconomics.

1. Prize

Diamond PrizeMaximum 1,000,000 MICS
Gold Prize6000 MICS
Silver Prize5000 MICS
Happy Prize4000 MICS
Lucky Prize3000 MICS

Note: The minimum value of Diamond Prize is 30,000 MICS. If no one wins the Diamond Prize in a day, 30,000 MICS is cumulated to the diamond prize of the following day.

2. How to join

  1. Users pick a 6-digit lucky number.
  2. Number picking time: Everyday, from 00:00 to 12:15 (UTC)
  3. The lucky number drawing process taken by the system is LIVE at 12:30 (UTC) exclusively on Vconomics.
  4. Winner list is automatically published right after lucky number is determined.

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3. Rule

  1. The prize is determined as follow:
  • DIAMOND PRIZE: Pick the correct 6 digits of the lucky number
  • Gold Prize: Pick the correct 5 last digits of the lucky number
  • Silver Prize: Pick the correct 4 last digits of the lucky number
  • Happy Prize: Pick the correct 3 last digits of the lucky number
  • Lucky Prize: Pick the correct 2 last digits of the lucky number
  1. The prize is added to your MICS spot wallet automatically and divided to all lucky users who got the right number (For example, if there are 100 winners or Lucky Prize of 3000 MICS, each winner gets 30 MICS reward).
  2. Each user can win 01 prize a day and is rewarded for the highest prize.
  3. Godsend prizes greater than 100,000 MICS is rewards is disbursed monthly, maximum 100,000 MICS and minimum 10,000 MICS each month. From March 03, 2022, Godsend prizes greater than 20,000 MICS is rewards is disbursed monthly, maximum 20,000 MICS each month.
  4. The winner of Diamond prizes must share Result and winning notification on personal Facebook page with hashtag #vconomics #locroivodau #locdacbiet #diamondprize. Additionally, the winner mush confirm schedule and join Livestream reward within 10 days since the date of winning. If not, the prize would be added to Community Wallet.
  5. Vconomics reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

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