Celebrating International Women’s Day with the “Dear my Happiness”

Vconomics launched the “Dear my Happiness” program with several attractive, meaningful, and spiritual presents to send to women on International Women’s Day. Now let’s read the article to find out how to participate!

1. Who to participate

Vconomics users without age / sex / race / nationality restriction.

2. When to participate

Participation time: From March 4th, 2022 to March 15th, 2022.

3. Prize

PlatformDetailMICS rewarded
Vex– Create and list NFT successfully
– Users complete KYC
Vuniverse– Creat Vwish successfully
– Set it in public status
Vlove– Creat Vlove successfully
– Set it in public status

Attached gifts:

ReactionsMICS rewarded (*)
50 – 100100
101 – 200200
201 – 500500
More than 501830

(*) The prizes apply to each platform Vuniverse, Vex, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram.

4. How to participate

  • Step 1: Take a picture with the woman who you love.
  • Step 2: Use this image to create NFT/Vwish/Vlove.
  • Step 3: Share the NFT/ Vwish/ Vlove link you have just created, then post it on social media including Facebook/ TikTok/ Instagram.
  • Step 4: Fill in THIS FORM.

(*) Refer to the user guide here:

To receive the attached gifts, you need to make the following request:

VexShare NFT on different social media (optional)
VuniverseShare Vlove/Vwish on different social media (optional)
Facebook– Share NFT/Vlove/Vwish on your personal Facebook:
– Tag Fanpage Vconomics
– Add hashtag #Vconomics #Happywomensday
TikTok– Make a short video about the happiness moment with the woman you love
– Link to the Vlove/ Vwish/ NFT that you created
– Tag TikTok Vcononomics
– Add hashtag #Vconomics #Happywomensday
Instagram– Upload a post/reels about the happiness moment with the woman you love
– Link to the Vlove/ Vwish/ NFT that you created
– Tag Instagram Vconomics
– Add hashtag #Vconomics #Happywomensday

5. Note

  • Valid Vlove and NFT are products created during the event period, do not copy, do not violate Vconomics NFT policy and DO NOT cancel products.
  • Product content must be related to International Women’s Day.
  • Players can create all three or 1 of 3 products NFT/Vlove/Vwish.
  • For Vlove products, players can only create 1 time
  • Players can create multiple NFT products.
  • A valid participating account is an account that has KYC successfully.
  • Facebook/Tiktok/Insta account participating in receiving the attached gift must be the owner’s account.
  • Vconomics has the sole discretion to edit, change or cancel the program at any time depending on the actual situation.

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