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Get 5100 MICS with “Valentine – Eternal Love”

Besides meaningful gifts, chocolate bars or gorgeous roses, let Vconomics features be your love language. Join “Valentine – Eternal Love” to get thousands of MICS.

1. Who to participate

Vconomics users without age / sex / race / nationality restriction.

2. When to participate

Participation time: Từ 13/02/2022 đến 20/02/2022.

Rewarding time: 22/02/2022

3. Prize

PlatformDetailMICS rewarded
VuniverseEach successfully created Vlove (for the creator)52.0
VexEach original NFT from successful KYC account52.0

Top 1 favourites (*) will get:

PlatformConditionMICS rewarded
VconomicsNFT on Vex999.0
VconomicsVlove in Vuniverse999.0
Facebook– A post sharing your NFT/Vlove created in Vconomics
– Tag Fanpage Vconomics
– Hashtag #Vconomics #Valentine
Tiktok– Upload a video of your love moments with your beloved ones
– Attach the link of your NFT/Vlove in Vconomics
– Tag TikTok Vconomics
– Hashtag #Vconomics #Valentine
Instagram– Upload a post or reel of your love moments with your beloved ones
– Attach the link of your NFT/Vlove in Vconomics
– Tag Instagram Vconomics
– Hashtag #Vconomics #Valentine

(*) Top favourite is an NFT, a Vlove, a post or a video with most likes & comments on each platform.

4. How to participate

Step 1: You can participate on Vex and/or Vuniverse.

  • Vuniverse: Create a Vlove with your lover/crush. Refer to the guide HERE
  • Vex: Mint an NFT about love moments, confession screenshot, etc. and list it on Vex. Refer to the guide HERE.

Step 2: Upload your NFT / Vlove / love moments on your Facebook, Tiktok and/or Instagram accounts if you want to participate for top favourite in these platforms.

Step 3: Fill in this THIS FORM.

5. Conditions

  • Vloves, NFTs, posts, and videos are qualified if they are created within the event duration, have original content, do not violate Vconomics NFT Terms & Conditions, and is not cancelled or deleted. Vconomics reserves the right to reclaim the rewarded MICS in case of Vloves, NFTs, posts or videos cancellation or deletion.
  • Each participant can create multiple NFTs.
  • Each participant can create only 1 Vlove.
  • Successful KYC is required
  • Vconomics reserves the right to modify, edit or cancel the event according to the situation.

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