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Event series World Cup 2022 – Reward up to 90.000 MICS

To welcome a dynamic and energetic World Cup season 2022, Vconomics promote an attractive event series for users who are football fans of World Cup.

Join with us now to get reward up to 90.000 MICS!

1. Participants

All users of Vconomics

2. Time

From November 20th to December 18th.

3. Rewards

EventRewards (MICS)
Create NFT World Cup5.000
Ignite World Cup with Vconomics84.000
Predict which country is the champion of World Cup 2022?1.000

4. How to participate?

4.1. Create NFT World Cup

  • B1: Screenshot memorable moments of World Cup 2022
  • B2: List on Vex
  • B3: Share your NFT to attract more reaction.
  • B4: Submit your information at THIS FORM.

For more details: HERE.

4.2. Ignite World Cup with Vconomics

  • B1: Create your avatar via link
  • B2: Set your Facebook avatar in Public with caption: |Ignite World Cup with Vconomics, get reward up to 90.000 MICS”
  • B3: Pin hashtag #Vconomics #MICS #WorldCup2022
  • B4: Share your avatar in public minimum 05 times on the other Group/Fanpage
  • B5: Submit your information at THIS FORM.

For more details: HERE.

4.3. Which country is the champion of World Cup 2022?

  • B1: Predict the outcome of FINAL MATCH on Vconomics Fanpage.
  • B2: Tag 03 friends on comment
  • B2: Share this post on your Facebook (in public) with hashtag #Vconomics #MICS #WorldCup2022

For more details: HERE.

5. Note

  • User accounts to get reward need to pass eKYC.
  • No cheating during participation. If discovered, your entire contribution to the World Cup welcome series will be cancel.
  • MICS will be “ting ting” to your Spot wallet on Vconomics application after 1-2 days after the event series.
  • Vconomics has the right to edit, change or cancel the program at any time depending on the actual situation.

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