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Recap AMA 03rd Nov. 2022: VCONOMICS TEXT AMA – Launching new feature Vlending and Listing CEX

On November 03rd, 2022, in the TEXT AMA at Vconomics’s Telegram Community, Vconomics Team had a Q&A about Launching Vlending and Listing CEX in the near future.

1. Details

Time: 20h00 (GMT+7) – Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 2022.

Venue: Text AMA at  Vconomics’s Telegram Community


  • Mr.Trần Đức Thông – Co-Founder & CTO Vconomics
  • Ms.Lyme – CMO Vconomics
  • Vconomics Team. 

2. Recap


Host: First question from Nguyễn Anh Tú (Facebook): “Is Vlending a secured loan or unsecured loan?”

CMO: Vlending is known as 1 of 3 core businesses of Vconomics and will provide a crypto credit platform in secured loan ( Collateral needed).

However, Vlending is not only for borrowers as most users know, but Vlending also extends a feature for lenders to create order themselves, use their funds and make profits. Whoever has a credit demand can have a trial in Vlending.

Host: Question from Ha Khanh An (Facebook): “So what types of coins/tokens are lended or borrowed in Vlending? What are the conditions when using it?”

CMO: In the beginning of launching, Vlending will support users to borrow/lend stablecoins such as BUSD. Vlending is relaible and transparent, so you just need to pass eKYC to use Vlending. 

Of course, Vlending is a secured credit type so borrowers need to have collateral.

Host: “What is USP of Vlending in the comparison of other P2P Lending platforms? Because I see that these P2P platforms in the current market have some similarities.” 

CMO: As we can see that Vlending is an innovation in the Vconomics ecosystem by allowing MICS as collateral. When using MICS as collateral, borrowers will have an attractive discount borrowing interest rate.

The more MICS amounts, the more the discount APR. 

“This benefit not only increases the application of MICS in the Vconomics ecosystem but also increases many other demands in the near future.”  

Host: Bạn Kira (Telegram) had a question: “Is P2P Lending platform risky?”

CMO: Definitely not! Vlending provide secured credit, thus, only borrowers having collateral are accepted. This is also safe security for lenders when using their funds and making profits. Even when the market fluctuates up or down, lenders still receive their expected profits. 

P2P Lending in Vconomics not only has no risk, but also makes sustainable profits when users trade in the downtrend market at this time.

Host: “The milestone of launching Vlending are delaying over 3-4 months. What do you think about this?” 

Co-Founder & CTO: The delay of launching Vlending currently is dependent on the downtrend market. So the time is not the primary care of our team. We concentrate on providing users with the best feature ever.

Question from Bui Long (Telegram): “No one wants to borrow in the downtrend market, launching Vlending at this time is useless…”

CMO: As I have said that Vlending provided a secured credit platform. So we can see it as a way to make sustainable profits for lenders in the downtrend market.

Besides, whoever wants to join the trading market can use Vlending because this feature is so reliable and transparent as well. .

Question from MessiCuong (Telegram): “So according to the lending rule, when MICS joins in lending, this token will be locked for a period. So how does it affect MICS?” 

CMO: As you do staking to make profít, when Vlending uses MICS as collateral, users will be the first one to have benefits, particularly users will have a discount borrowing interest rate. Besides, it also decreases the amount of MICS sold in the market and has a positive effect on MICS.    

Question from Huy Nguyen (Telegram): “What are interest rates when lending in Vlending?” 

CMO: Lending interest rates are depended on lenders. Lenders can also choose appropriate rate as they expect. Borrowers can create a lend order with APR they want and wait for the match as trading transactions on CEX.

Question from @jennypham (Telegram): “I heard Vlending said that it is crypto credit for something… Why do I need to have collateral?” 

Co-Founder & CTO: In the beginning of launching, we will apply a lending method which needs collateral to ensure the rights of lenders.

CMO: Crypto credit has 2 types:

  • Secured loan (Collateral needed)
  • Unsecured loan

Vlending will provide secured credit platform first

Question from Thu Trang (Telegram): “The biggest risk of Vlending is that when lending, the price of this coin may decrease and the interest rate cannot fulfill that space. Do you have solutions to solve this problem as well as to protect the lenders?”

Co-Founder & CTO: Interesting question! Our team has forecasted this problem and found a solution. We set up an index called LTV (Lend to Value) to ensure the ratio of collateral is always bigger than BUSD borrowed amount.  

CMO: As CTO said, when LTV is over 80%, the system will sell borrower’s collateral and pay back all the debt and interest for lenders to ensure the benefits of lenders.


Question from @AllAirdropchatluong (Telegram): “When will MICS be listed on CEX?”

CMO: The expected listing date MICS on CEX is being planned for the third week of November. And our team is planning the date on November 14th 2022. The official listing date will be announced soon.

Question from @Phuoctran1983 (Telegram): “Which exchange will MICS be listed on?”

Co-Founder & CTO: MICS will be listed on top big exchanges, starting from TOP 50 (according to Coinmarketcap), then TOP 20,…

We will keep this secret until listing day!

Question from Huu Anh (Telegram): “What is the price of MICS when listing on CEX? What about its volume? Is it manipulated when listing on CEX?”

Co-Founder & CTO: MICS will be listed at current market price which is referred from the price on PancakeSwap. 

About manipulation, Vconomics says NO. The market will adjust following the Supply and Demand of the market. Volume of trading will be dependent on policies of each exchange when listing.

Every exchange has its conditions and policies about minimum trading volume and every project has to follow it, not except for MICS. 

Question from Hoang Tien (Telegram): “How is MICS distributed for listing CEX?”

Co-Founder & CTO: Not as DEX, CEX will support MICS in trading so Liquidity Pool is not needed.

Question from Tran Trong Dat  (Telegram): “You have said that listing outside TOP 5 will affect the price of MICS. But now you say that MICS will be listed on TOP 50, you aren’t afraid of the effect, are you?

CMO: We will have a long-term plan for MICS. Whatever the small exchange or large exchange, listing will help MICS approach a new market. So we can say that there are only good effects.

Question from @jennypham (Telegram): “I haven’t seen the partnership of Vconomics recently. Is Vconomics coming down?”

CMO: In the last half of 2022, our team constantly signed partnership contracts with a lot of new partner such as:

  • S.H.E Blockchain
  • Blockchain Work
  • Especially, AIS (Authorized capital about 1700 billion VND)

And we also have a lot of partners in the near future! Stay tuned!

Question from Hoa Le (Telegram): “When listing DEX, the condition to withdraw MICS is 5,000 MICS. So what is the condition when listing CEX?”

CMO: Recently, MICS has unlimited conditions when withdrawing.

Question from @AllAirdropchatluong (Telegram): “Why does the introduction  on the app show that users will get 100 MICS which will be listed in Binance?”

CMO: Binance is one of TOP CEXs Vconomics aims to list in the near future.

3. To conclude

The TEXT AMA has attracted attention from the community, including current users and people who are interested and want to know more about TWO BIG THINGS. 

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