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Vconomics & KV Ventures: Bilateral Cooperative Partnership

KV Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in Blockchain and cryptocurrency has officially cooperated with Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy. This collaboration promises to bring values and benefits to global users and promote the brand names of the two businesses.

1. What is KV Ventures?

KV Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on the field of Blockchain. KV Ventures is currently one of the most active investment communities in crypto, NFT, DeFi, etc. Although newly established, KV Ventures is backed by the “pioneers” in the field of technology and particularly crypto currency, among whom the most famous is Mr. Duong Vi Khoa. He has joined the market for years and currently takes on important roles at large companies and projects such as G-Group or Bholdus.

KV Ventures tends to find potential partners globally and has connections with major crypto media channels. This is the basis the venture capital firm to spread its influence and assist in incubating and developing the most advanced services on the Blockchain network.

2. Why did KV Ventures decide to collaborate with Vconomics?

2.1. All-in-one ecosystem

Vconomics is Decentralized Digital Economy with financial services ecosystem based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI).The application has a comprehensive ecosystem with diverse features including:

  • Vscore: Credit Scoring (launched in September 2021).
  • Vfactory: NFTs creating factory, where you create/mint your own NFTs or warrant your NFTs (launched in September 2021).
  • Vex: Decentralized NFT exchange (launched in September 2021).
  • Vuniverse: Spirit universe, where Vwish will appear as soon as being minted. (launched in December, 2021).
  • Vacademy: 4.0 Finance Academy, where you can Learn-to-Earn (launched in December, 2021)
  • Vpool: Saving and staking, where users deposit BTC/ETH/USDT/BNB to get profits in MICS. (launched in December 2021)
  • Vlending: P2P lending platform, where every individual users can provide financial services for other customers to get profits. (launched in January 2022).

2.2. Founders and Advisory boards with years of experience

Vconomics is a product of FINATECH Joint Stock Company. The application was developed by 2 extremely enthusiastic and experienced founders: Mr. Nguyen The Cuong (CEO) and Mr. Tran Duc Thong (CTO). In addition, the project receives strategic advices from well-experienced advisors in the industry such as:

  • Mr. Ngo Van Tau — Chairman at RUNSYSTEM
  • Mr. Nguyen Tan Minh — Vice Chairman at RUNSYSTEM
  • Mr. Dzung Nguyen — President at VECOM
  • Mr. Leon Truong — Chairman at DTS Group
  • Mr. Cris D. Tran — Deputy CEO at Galaxy One, FAM Central Co-Founder

The founders and advisors of Vconomics are all leading figures in the field of Finance — Technology. With great reputation, they help Vconomics win the trust of global users and accompany the project in the future.

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2.3. Practical value to the community

Besides attractive features, Vconomics also provides the community with practical values ​​such as 20,000 packages of digital identity insurance, motorbike insurance and 50,000 packages of cancer insurance in the near future. They are gifts of great social value, thanks to which Vconomics can win the love and support of user community.

With an user-centric mindset, Vconomics promises to bring more practical features based on the needs of international users, as well as promote cooperation with large businesses to optimize benefits for users of the ecosystem. That is the reason why this project attracted large venture funds and got investment after only 5 months of official launch.

3. What does KV Ventures say about Vconomics?

KV Ventures will invest in Vconomics and develop bilateral cooperation. The two companies will map out a strategic plan to become users’ top of mind in the field of Finance — Technology.

Mr. Duong Vi Khoa, General Partner at KV Ventures is a leader with a sharp mind and the ability to adapt well to technology advancements, which is the reason why he pays special attention to the potential product of Vconomics. He said: “Vconomics diverse ecosystem is a core value in developing the digital economy. Diversification of financial features and business roadmap are the reasons why we believe in this project.”

With its in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the Blockchain industry, KV Ventures connects resources, financially supports and orients marketing strategies based on big data to make Vconomics “win big” in the Blockchain and crypto market.

3. To conclude

KV Ventures is not only an investor but also an advisor of the project. Besides financial support, the venture capital firm also helps Vconomics create specific plans to achieve its goals. All information about this cooperation will be updated on our official channels below, so stay tuned not to miss any of them.

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