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CRYPTO HOT NEWS 07/07/2022

El Salvador’s Bitcoin wallet Chivo scores $52M in remittances in 2022

El Salvador payment app Chivo processed $52 million in remittances over the past six months, as expatriates make use of commission-free BTC transfers. Salvadorans living abroad hsent over $50 million in remittances from January to May this year, according to the El Salvador Central Reserve Bank.

Coming to Texas: Riot Blockchain announces plans to move NY miners to Lone Star State

Crypto mining firm Riot Blockchain said it has begun relocating rigs from its New York data facility, with the majority intended to end up in central Texas. Moving rigs from New York to Texas was part of Riot’s effort to reduce the firm’s operating expenses through lower power costs and eliminate “all third-party hosting fees.”

Belgian regulator reviews crypto asset classifications while awaiting harmonization

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA), the Belgian regulator, is seeking comments on its communication on the classification of crypto assets as securities, investment instruments or financial instruments. The communication is meant to address frequently asked questions and is not exhaustive. It is accompanied by a stepwise chart to help its readers determine the classification of an asset.

NFT platform wars could be ahead, says new DappRadar report

DappRader’s “Dapp Industry Report for Q2” 2022 raised, among many points, the idea that an upcoming non-fungible token (NFT) platform war could be on the horizon. OpenSea, UniSwap, MagicEden, eBay and others are acquiring NFT aggregation tools and taking a stand to gain market share of the evolving NFT ecosystem.

Ethereum testnet Merge mostly successful — ‘Hiccups will not delay the Merge.’

Ethereum has now completed its second-to-last major Merge trial on the public test network Sepolia, paving the way for its transition to the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Merge trials on testnets are essential to allow Ethereum developers and independent project developers to understand what they can expect when the actual Merge takes place.

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