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CRYPTO HOT NEWS 07/06/2022

Italian government will provide $46 million in subsidies for blockchain projects

The Ministry of Economic Development of Italy has announced that certain blockchain projects will qualify to apply for up to $46 million in government subsidies. All companies developing IoT, AI or blockchain technology will be eligible to apply for government subsidies provided the funds will be used in specific sectors, such as health.

Lamborghini-backed GT racing team to authenticate car parts using NFTs

Vincenzo Sospiri Racing (VSR), a GT racing team backed by Lamborghini’s motorsport department, has announced its partnership with nonfungible token (NFT) platform Go2NFT to launch a program that certifies racing car parts. Former racing champion Vincenzo Sospiri said that this will allow them to monitor and ensure the quality of their car parts.

UK government seeks public input on DeFi taxation

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is seeking input from investors, professionals and organizations involved in DeFi-related activities to study whether administrative hassles and costs may be reduced for taxpayers who participate in the emerging industry, as well as whether the tax treatment might be more aligned with the transactions’ fundamental economics.

Maker voting on collaborating with a traditional bank

The Maker Protocol is voting on a proposal that will bring a traditional bank into its ecosystem for the first time. This will essentially allow the Maker Protocol to begin issuing real-world loans to borrowers through a fully backed traditional institution by meeting the bank’s standards.

Blockchain-Enabled Wireless Communications: A New Paradigm Towards 6G

TokLok, a blockchain-based messaging app that provides a secure wireless communication service, is contributing to the 6G revolution. The integration of blockchain technology in 6G would promote transparency and information exchange, supporting a variety of industries.

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