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Coincu News: Vconomics – What To Expect In The Current Bear Market

Recently, Coincu News conducted an exclusive interview with Mr. Nguyen The Cuong – Co-founder & CEO Vconomics. Follow the interview to learn more about the project as well as the development potential of Vconomics in the future!

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Exclusive Interview:

Vconomics – What To Expect In The Current Bear Market?

Author: Annie – CoinCu News

In this interview, we spoke with Nguyen The Cuong, Co-founder and CEO of Vconomics. He shared the details about the current crypto bear market and what the company can do to thrive and develop in such a challenging time.

Hello The Cuong, nice to meet you! Can you tell me more about your company?

Yes! Vconomics is a credit scoring and credit demands connecting platform based on AI, it provides financial services based on Blockchain technology.


  • Credit scoring for all Asians
  • Provide comprehensive financial solutions
  • Make credit clearer and more transparent
  • Support to solve credit demands

About the current market condition, do you think what signal might dispel pessimism in the market following a string of disasters?

That would be the government policy. For example, the SEC does not consider XRP as a security or India lowers taxes on crypto trading.

In the global economic and technological transformation, how far do you believe the crypto industry will progress?

Crypto will gradually come to light, gradually having to accept the management of governments. In the future, stablecoins will be managed by governments or government organizations, cryptocurrencies will gradually become like securities.

Can you share with us how your project and your team formed?

It came from the fact that the majority of people in Vietnam and Southeast Asia do not know what a credit score is and what its benefits are, we decided to make a free credit scoring platform, thereby connecting the credit demands between Borrower – Bank, Borrower – Banker. Then we saw an unserved potential market of P2P lending in the Crypto segment.

What is the outstanding feature of your project compared to others?

Connect to the real world, real demands. Market size is large and has the ability to generate high revenue.

What are the challenges in your project’s development up to now?

The speed of user development depends quite a lot on the trend of the market. And the trend of the Crypto market is too fast.

What is the project’s vision in the enormous blockchain space?

Become the leading crypto lending platform in Southeast Asia

Do you think the crypto winter will come soon? If yes, what will your project do?

Winter is happending now and within next 1 year winter will be even colder, (BTC may be in the 12K region). We are cutting unnecessary spending as much as possible, but focusing on product development and improvement.

In your opinion, what should crypto investors and project builders do in the current gloomy market situation?

You all should keep as much cash as possible in order to run the business, try to survive and build a good product over the winter then chance of success will come.

What role will your project play in the upcoming development of the cryptocurrency market?

Launching Vlending (P2P lending) in 3rd quarter, 2022. Vlending of Vconomics is a P2P crypto demand connecting platform.

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