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Vconomics receives investment from 6 large venture capital firms

With a sustainable growth rate and positive feedback from global users, Vconomics has received investment from 6 large venture capital firms including DEO Network, KV Ventures, Coincu, CRVN Ventures, BAS, and DTS.

1. Vconomics and the journey to digitalize the economy

Vconomics FlashSale On App event has just started on 25th Nov 2021. Since the second quarter of 2021, the project has received a lot of attention from domestic and international investment funds, especially organizations and businesses relating to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In November 2021, Vconomics officially signed and received investment from 6 large funds including DEO Network, Kylin Network, Coincu, CRVN Ventures, BAS, and DTS.

The cooperation with 6 investment funds is a valuable opportunity for Vconomics to develop features, expand the markets and create a strong user community. Not only receiving financial support from the leading firms in the industry, Vconomics also gets advice on the business roadmap, global development strategy, and communication plan in the digital transformation era. With firm steps, Vconomics promises to spread the brand name of “Decentralized Digital Economy” in the Finance — Technology market, at the same time winning the trust of global users.

2. 6 Venture Capital firms that invest in Vconomics

2.1. DEO Network

DEO Network is an investment firm that specializes in emerging blockchain & crypto startups. With the potential in the technology field and the ability to reach global markets, this business helps cryptocurrencies companies create their own market and conduct data-driven marketing strategies.

The investment strategy of the DEO Network focuses on companies with sustainable business and remarkable growth rates. DEO Network expects to cooperate with global companies with the mission of supporting promising start-ups in the blockchain field and connecting resources for them to reach achievements.

2.2. KV Ventures

KV Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on the field of Blockchain. KV Ventures is currently one of the most active investment communities in crypto, NFT, DeFi, etc. Although newly established, KV Ventures is backed by the pioneers in the field of technology and particularly cryptocurrency, among whom the most famous is Mr. Duong Vi Khoa. He has joined the market for years and currently takes on important roles at large companies and projects such as G-Group or Bholdus.

KV Ventures tends to find potential partners globally and has connections with major crypto media channels. This is the basis for the venture capital firm to spread its influence and assist in incubating and developing the most advanced services on the Blockchain network.

2.3. Coincu

Coincu is a world-famous cryptocurrency investment fund. Its orientation is to develop cross-platform projects relating to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Coincu also develops a communication channel in the field of Blockchain which is well-known among digital assets investors. The data system of Coincu helps users track the market price and capitalization, as well as orients readers with intuitive, professional, and reliable information.

The Coincu aims at cryptocurrency startups. They are the companions of potential crypto projects with the goal to revolutionalize the Finance — Technology industry.

2.4. CRVN Ventures

CRVN Ventures which belongs to CryptoLeakVn is a fund that invests in blockchain and crypto projects. Having experience in both researching and investing, CRVN recognizes the potential of crypto and realizes that startup projects in this field need special attention.

Their business mission is to enhance accuracy in a risky investment environment. With the motto of “Lighting up Vietnam digital economy”, CRVN aims at becoming the best choice for the online financial investment community. With this partnership, CRVN Ventures will be the bridge for investors to access emerging projects, as well as provide financial and media support for the potential project of Vconomics.

2.5. BAS

BAS — Blockchain Alliance for Sustainability was established aiming at promoting the sustainable development of the blockchain industry by selectively cooperating with reputable organizations and individuals; as well as building the best support mechanism for quality projects which apply blockchain technology. BAS aims to raise public awareness of the importance of sustainable development of the Blockchain industry by means of events and media programs.

With a network of leading figures in the field of digital transformation, BAS offers a comprehensive solution for traditional businesses and start-ups, along with providing diverse resources (in terms of finance, technology, and human resources). BAS focuses on Blockchain companies with great potential and a good foundation, and Vconomics with a large community is one of them.

2.6. DTS

DTS Digital Transformation Alliance is an alliance of reputable individuals and organizations in the fields of e-commerce, digital services, digital technology, etc. They share the joint mission of helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in digital transformation and improving their competitiveness.

Thanks to DTS, SMEs can map out digital transformation strategies in line with business development roadmap and resources, at the same time connect with appropriate service providers and start their digital transformation plans.

DTS Investment Fund looks for groundbreaking, innovative and legitimate projects and connects them to the DTS community. The collaboration with Vconomics promises development for both parties and creates true values ​​for users all around the world.

3. What does the 6 venture capital firms say about Vconomics?

With remarkable achievements, Vconomics is referred to by representatives of the 6 funds as “a very potential Finance — Technology project in the digital age”.

DEO Network’s development strategy focuses on businesses with a solid foundation, among which there is Vconomics. A representative of the firm said: “After 3 months of rapid development, Vconomics is considered an emerging technology product with practical and intuitive features. Thanks to technical know-how and smart development strategy of the two parties, the project promises to be a great success.”

Agreeing with DEO Network, KV Ventures General Partner, Mr. Duong Vi Khoa said: “Vconomics diverse ecosystem is a core value in developing the digital economy. Diversification of financial features and business roadmap are the reasons why we believe in this project.”

In addition to product refinement, communication strategy is also taken into consideration in this stage of development. The collaboration between Vconomics and Coincu helps spread the coverage of the “Decentralized Digital Economy” brand name, especially for people interested in cryptocurrencies. A representative of Coincu mentioned: “Beyond our expectations, Vconomics can be a breakthrough in the international digital financial market. The app is fully capable of becoming famous worldwide.”

The representative of CRVN said: “A variety of new features being developed is the highlight of Vconomics and we will try our best to promote it. Hopefully, this collaboration between CRVN and Vconomics will enhance the brand name of both sides in the blockchain & cryptocurrency market.”

Mr. Leon Truong — President of DTS Group as well as President of BAS mentioned: “The Vconomics ecosystem is relatively complete and is able to meet a variety of user needs. Digitalizing the economy just got easier with a few intuitive touches.” He also added that the cooperation with Vconomics is the “leverage” for both sides to achieve great milestones in the future.

Deo Network, KV Ventures, Coincu, CRVN Ventures, BAS, and DTS not only invest but also play the role of advisors for the project. These firms are all pioneers in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, which helps Vconomics make strategic steps to reach its goal.

To conclude

As the expectation of venture capital firms, Vconomics will become a “Decentralized Digital Economy” with impressive features, modern technology, good business orientation, and long-term communication strategy. Together, all parties will contribute to the development of Vconomics.

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