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Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy is Officially Launched!

The Vconomics application’s launch event provided the foundation for the establishment of a decentralized digital economy. With a variety of appealing features, the product is likely to attract a big number of consumers, resulting in numerous community benefits. The Vconomics app’s vision and vision in a decentralized digital economy.


Vconomics application was officially launched on June 29th, 2021 at room №403, 4th floor, Ocean Park building (№1 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da, Hanoi). The event had the presence of leading figures in the field of finance — technology such as CEO Ngo Van Tau, CTO Nguyen Tan Minh ( RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company); Mr. Tran Duc Tam (General Manager IID — RUNSYSTEM Company) and many other important guests.

The event had the presence of the CEO, CTO, BOD of Vconomics, and other guests

Vconomics is a decentralized digital economy simulation project, built and developed by FINATECH Technology Joint Stock Company. This application is based on blockchain platforms including NFT Factory, NFT Exchange, Vuniverse, Vpool, and peer-to-peer lending platform Vlending (P2PLending). The project was built for a long time with a lot of enthusiasm from the CEO, CTO, BOD team, and members of the company. Mr. Nguyen The Cuong — founder of Vconomics project said: “ Vconomics’ major priority is to provide financial and technology solutions to all Vietnamese citizens, as well as to issue electronic money and invest in digital currency to assist the community in interacting with the decentralized digital economy”.

Mr. Nguyen The Cuong — The project’s CEO, spoke about the project’s strategic goals.


Vconomics is an application that is fully trusted by large enterprises such as RUNSYSTEM. This company has been FINATECH’s reliable partner since the company’s inception. They are investors, co-founders, and a strong launchpad for Vconomics, a decentralized digital economy project. Vconomics promises to develop further in the future with the support of major firms in the field of finance and technology and to fulfill the high demand from the user community.

Guests who attended this event were given an overview of the Vconomics application’s vision and development path, which was led by CEO Nguyen The Cuong and CTO Tran Duc Thong. They had some extremely interesting discussions regarding this application, which gave them fresh insights into the project in general and the key aspects of Vconomics in particular.

Not only has the initiative made a breakthrough in creative thinking, but it also uses Blockchain technology, Data Mining, AI, Big Data, and other technologies. Mr. Ngo Van Tau — CEO RUNSYSTEM said that:” Finatech is a Venture business — a venture enterprise that dares to tackle challenges. When I saw the product for the first time today, I was blown away. You have constructed the Vconomics application much beyond my wildest dreams”.

“FINATECH is a Venture Business” — CEO Mr.Ngo Van Tau


The guests were able to directly experience the “universe” of Vconomics through the installation and registration of accounts. Tran Duc Tam — the first “resident” of this ecosystem said: “I am surprised by what Vconomics brings to me. The operations are done easily, the app interface is modern. This product is not boring, despite being a financial product; on the contrary, the application is creatively developed and convenient for users to monitor and interact.”

CEO Mr.Nguyen The Cuong and Mr.Tran Duc Tam — the first ‘resident’ of Vconomics.

Not only can intuitive operations on the Vconomics app, but the guests of the program also sign contracts to buy and sell NFT (a type of digital item). This type of goods is encrypted using the blockchain, ensuring exclusivity and transparency for owners. Dang Thi Kieu Oanh — the first NFT investor of the Vconomics ecosystem shared: “The beauty of NFT is its uniqueness and decentralization. I’m looking forward to the launch of the Vfactory “factory”, now I can encrypt and buy NFT warrants bought in this event today!”.

The first NFT Contract between Vconomics and Ms.Dang Thi Kieu Oanh


More than 1,000,000 MICS were donated to the first “residents” of the ecosystem when they registered and activated their accounts. This is the gratitude gift of the founding team to the user community who have put their faith in the development of the digital economy.

During the launch, users were informed in advance about 6 main features of the application including Vscore/ Vfactory/ Vex/ Vlending/ Vpool/ Vuniverse. These features will be launched in the future, promising to create an interesting financial exchange environment in the Vconomics “universe”.

The first users of the Vconomics ecosystem will all receive a MICS giveaway

Despite the fact that the new Vconomics is still in its early stages, it has attracted a lot of attention and favor from users all around the world. The Vconomics launch event paves the way for the future development of the digital economy, promising to answer the needs of users in the financial-technology sphere.

Here are some more stunning images from the event:

For more information about Vconomics project — decentralized digital economy, please refer HERE.

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