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[RECAP] AMA 03rd Dec, 2021: Investment Strategy in the Blockchain Revolution

On December 3, 2021, in the 5th AMA, Vconomics CEO and Mr. Duong Vi Khoa — General Partner at KV Ventures had discussed investment strategies in the Blockchain revolution. , and answered questions from the audience regarding Vconomics’ ongoing Flash Sale.

1. Details

Time: 13:00 UTC 03 Dec. 2021

Format: Livestream Facebook


Mr. Nguyen The Cuong: Co-Founder, CEO of Vconomics

Mr. Duong Vi Khoa: General Partner at KV Ventures

Ms. Dang Thi Kieu Oanh: and Assistant

2. Recap

Host: Why did KV Ventures decide to cooperate with Vconomics?

General Partner KV Ventures: After discussing with the founder team, I realized that Vconomics is a potential project that can be included in the long-term investment portfolio of KV Ventures. The project has a transparent product with 400,000 users; it is operated by a team of founders and advisors with many years of experience in the fields of finance and technology. I believe in the project and the team.

Host: What benefits does the cooperation between KV Ventures and Vconomics bring to the community?

Co-Founder & CEO Vconomics: This cooperation brings great benefits to 3 parties: the community, KV Ventures and Vconomics. Vconomics is the right investment of KV Ventures, and with the support of KV Ventures and Mr. Duong Vi Khoa, Vconomics will achieve great growth. Our team has experience in the financial technology industry, together with the strategic thinking and influence of KV Ventures, Vconomics will surely achieve great achievements.

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Host: What should be considered when choosing a project to invest in?

General Partner KV Ventures: Blockchain has just bloomed for about 2 years now and is increasingly being applied in many aspects of life. It also attracts the attention and investment of large corporations. So far we have invested in about 20 projects, divided into short-term and long-term ones. The criteria is as follows: we study the project team, especially the developers, along with marketing team and partners. Besides, investment and business history of the founders and advisors is also taken into consideration, together with their enthusiasm and sincerity through conversations and sharing. Once the investment has been made, KV Ventures will use all its resources to support that project.

Co-Founder & CEO Vconomics: From the perspective of a startup, a potential project needs to match the core competitive advantages of the team and solve urgent problems of the society.

Host: In terms of financial resources, relationships or market analysis, individual investors are often more limited than institutional investors. Is there a way for individual investors to evaluate and earn profit from a project?

Co-Founder & CEO Vconomics: As Mr. Khoa said, first of all, it is necessary to evaluate the project team including the founders, product development and market development teams in terms of ethics and qualification. If there are not sufficient sources of information, an investment fund is a good choice.

General Partner KV Ventures: It is necessary to carefully study project information on its website and white paper, join user communities and especially in events like AMA to see how the team works. In terms of market research, reputable channels and groups in the industry with Blockchain experts are also worth checking out. In the cases of IDO investment, you should choose reputable launchpads because the projects are carefully checked there, which helps to minimize losses. For investment in the listing periods, choose the appropriate buying and selling points according to the recommendations of the experts. It is also recommended to reserve a part of the portfolio for investment funds, from which we can learn and make our own decisions.

Host: Is MICS purchased in Flash Sale distributed 100% to wallets and transacted immediately?

Co-Founder & CEO Vconomics: 40% of the purchased MICS will be distributed to blockchain wallets when MICS is listed on exchanges, and 60% linear vesting in the next 2 months, 30% for each month.

Host: Does Flash Sale Vconomics limit the number of participants? Can Flash Sale Round 1 participants continue to participate in Round 2?

Co-Founder & CEO Vconomics: Vconomics does not limit the number of participants but there is a limit on the amount of MICS each individual can buy for the purpose of everyone being able to invest. If you have joined round 1 Flash Sale, you can still participate in round 2. Vconomics limits each person to buy a maximum of 3 packages in all 3 rounds to avoid negative effects on the value of MICS.

3. To conclude

The 5th issue of the AMA event with the special guest speaker, General Partner KV Ventures Mr. Duong Vi Khoa has received huge attention and questions from the audience. Hopefully this summary will give you useful investment strategies in the Blockchain revolution. Don’t miss the next issue of AMA with the interesting topic of crypto staking.

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