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[USER GUIDE] How to participate and vote for “Top Favourite on Youtube” — Miss Metaverse

The contest “Top Favourite on Youtube” is within the framework of Miss Metaverse. Let’s find out more information about this contest as well as know how to join in the following article!

1. Who can participate?

All candidates who passes the Preliminary Round of Miss Metaverse.

2. Duration

2.1. Voting

From 20 Jan, 2022 to 04 Feb, 2022

2.2. Announcement

05 Feb, 2022

3. Prize

The winner of “Top Favourite on Youtube” will receive following awards:

  • $500 including 250 BUSD and MICS equivalent to 250 BUSD
  • Sash award “Top Favorite on Youtube”
  • The opportunity to participate in the Final Round of Miss Metaverse, fully covered by Vconomics.

4. How to participate, vote and points-based

4.1. How to participate (for candidates)

The Organization Board will upload the candidate’s introduction video (via the registration page in the Preliminary round) to Vconomics Youtube channel.

4.2. How to vote (for the audiences)

  • Step 1: Subscribe to Vconomics Youtube channel
  • Step 2: Go to “Miss Metaverse Voting Round” playlist
  • Step 3: Choose your favorite contestant’s video, click “Like” and boost the view count!

4.3. Point-based

  • 1 like = 1 point
  • 1 share = 3 points
  • 5000<view<1000: 3 points
  • 7000<view<5000: 5 points
  • 10.000<view<7000: 10 points
  • Reaching 10.000 views: 15 points
  • Reaching 20.000 views: 30 points (Multiplication by actual views)

After the voting period, the organizers will tally up the number of interactions according to the above point-based and announce the winner of the contest (candidate who has highest score) on 05 Feb, 2022.

5. Notes

  • The Organization Board will only aggregate interactions during the voting period (20 Jan, 2022–04 Feb, 2022).
  • Interaction cheating is not acceptable. The Organization Board reserves the right to disqualify a candidate if it detects signs of cheating.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Vconomics team if you have any questions.

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