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[RECAP] AMA April 6, 2022: Vconomics Text AMA – Defibattle Launch and Upcoming Roadmap

On April 6, 2022, in the AMA held in Vconomics Vietnamese Telegram community, Vconomics Co-Founder & CEO answered questions and concerns about the launch of GameFi and future plans of the project.

1. Details

Time: 13:00 UTC Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Format: Text AMA on Vconomics group – Decentralized digital economy

With the participation of Mr. Nguyen The Cuong, Co-Founder & CEO Vconomics

2. Recap

Host: What is the expected schedule of the upcoming listing?

Co-Founder & CEO: Currently, there are a number of exchanges offering Vconomics with listing, such as MEXC and some of the top 20 exchanges. However, according to traffic statistics of these exchanges and recommendations from Vconomics backers, we decided not to list on these exchanges yet but focused on product development. We only target top 5 exchanges.

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Host: What is the plan to develop Vconomics in the near future?

Co-Founder & CEO: 

  • Develop a knowledge competition platform with the concept of “Play To Learn”.
  • Integrate the API of a very large partner in Vietnam to provide thousands of vouchers and free gifts to the community everyday.
  • Developing Vlending (P2P Lending)

In addition, there will be many other features that we are working on.

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Host: What is Vconomics GameFi and why is it launched at this time?

Co-Founder & CEO: Defibattle is a competitive platform with multiple goals:

–  Defibattle is a place for people to practice and compete with others using their knowledge, especially in the field of finance.

–  Defibattle makes it possible for content creators to make money.

–  Defibattle helps game room owners earn more MICS.

– In Defibattle, a certain percentage of MICS from the game will be burned. That will cut the supply and increase the price of MICS.

Also, we found that during a downtrend, most people’s interest drops (actually, nearly the entire market). We need better products and services for users to interact with the app. Therefore, Defibattle is launched at this time.

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Host: What is the difference between Vconomics GameFi and other GameFi?

Co-Founder & CEO: Vconomics GameFi has a difference compared to other GameFi that is “Play to Learn”. And there will still be ‘’earn’’.

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Question from user @LEDANGTY: Should Vconomics open LaunchPad service as a platform for other potential projects to take off and use MICS coins to serve Launchpad service for this project?

Co-Founder & CEO: When launching LaunchPad, those who stakes MICS and the whole Vconomics community will enjoy all the preferable deals.

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Question from user @Chienmoto: Are you confident that launching a Game would boost MICS liquidity on the exchange? Technical analysis of this plan please?

Co-Founder & CEO: We have devoted a lot of effort and resources to develop the game. Of course, we hope that it would help the community be more active, burn more MICS, thereby increase the price of MICS. 

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Question from user Phan Manh: Why is the price of MICS going down?

Co-Founder & CEO: I have entered the market since 2017 and have invested in BTC and ETH. You can check the ETH chart in 2017-2018. The price from above $1000 has fallen to the lowest point of $100, which is 100 times divided. Therefore, we are trying to develop products and services so that the price of MICS can sustainably go up.

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Question from user @MRHOANNGUYEN: Does Vconomics GameFi have a time limit and time frame for playing each day? Is it possible to play on both phone and computer?

Co-Founder & CEO: Defibattle does not limit the duration and time frame of play in a day. In addition, the game is currently only on the app, supporting both iOS and Android operating systems.

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Question from user @dvc1987: The community is paying a lot of attention to the listing plan. What is the team’s project plan?

Co-Founder & CEO: As shared above, exchanges like MEXC (Top 7) and many exchanges from Top 10 to Top 26 have invited us, but Vconomics has decided not to list on those exchanges.

Our upcoming plan is to focus on developing sustainable products and services to list on the Top 5 exchanges.

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Question from user @Cryptokingpurm: In my opinion, listing on exchanges is a very good way to increase holders, listing must be from exchanges to medium and large ones. 

In addition to the fact that we analyze the volume and traffic of the exchanges, the our backers also recommend that the project should not list on MEXC but only focus on developing good products and services and aim to listing on Top 5 exchanges.

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3. To Conclude

Vconomics AMA in which users’ questions are directly answered by the founder team has attracted huge interaction from the Vconomics community. Hopefully this summary will answer your concerns about Vconomics Defibattle and future plans of the project. Don’t forget to follow Vconomics communication channels to keep updated with the latest news of the project.

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