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Create NFT World Cup, get 5000 MICS

The 2022 World Cup will become an extremely exciting and exciting World Football Championship. Let’s capture all the memorable moments in the 2022 World Cup and list them on NFT!

Reward 5000 MICS from Vconomics is ready for you!

1. Participants

All users of Vconomics

2. Time

From November 20th to December 18th.

3. Rewards of NFT World Cup

RequirementsMICS rewards for each valid NFT
– Create NFT on Vfactory and list successfully on Vex
– Products are eligible for the program criteria
– Creator passed eKYC

Besides, the most popular TOP 3 NFTs will also get bonus:

Top 1500At least 50 reactions on Vex
Top 2300At least 30 reactions on Vex
Top 3200At least 20 reactions on Vex

4. How to join NFT World Cup?

  • B1: Capture all the memorable moments in the 2022 World Cup
  • B2: List on Vex (NFT exchange of Vconomics).
  • B3: Share your on every platform (Facebook/ Tiktok/ Youtube…) to attract more reactions on Vex.
  • B4: Submit your information at THIS FORM.

Reference the instruction :

5. Note

  • A valid NFT is a product created during the event period, no copying, no violation of Vconomics NFT policy, and NO product destruction.
  • NFT images are memorable moments in the opening match of the World Cup 2022, do not copy images from other matches.
  • The image content and NFT description should match the program content.
  • Participants can create many different NFTs. BTC will choose the product with the highest number of reactions as the basis for the most popular NFT ranking.
  • A valid participating account is an account that has successfully passed eKYC.
  • The results will be announced 2 days after the end of the World Cup 2022.
  • Vconomics has the right to edit, change or cancel the program at any time depending on the actual situation.

The sooner the NFT is created, the more time it takes to call for votes.

Let’s create your own NFTs and list them on Vex right now!!!

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