2FA – Enhance security for Vconomics accounts

2FA security is a required condition for Vconomics users to trade MICS on the decentralized exchange, especially before the IDO period & PancakeSwap listing. Let’s explore how to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) by e-mail.

1. What is 2FA security?

2FA (Two-factor authentication) means 2-factor authentication security method.

  • The first step is to use login information with username and password.
  • The next step is to enter the 2FA code.

2FA is a very effective and recently adopted security method. Instead of 1 layer security before, now you will be securely protected information due to 2 “solid walls”. Therefore, users will no longer have to worry about data theft or their personal Blockchain wallet.

2. 2FA enhances security for Vconomics accounts

In fact, 90% of passwords can be cracked within 6 hours, 2 out of 3 Internet users use the same password everywhere. Professional attacks can also test billions of passwords within seconds. That’s when 2FA security plays its role in protecting users’ accounts, preventing the theft of personal property in the digital space.

2FA has outstanding merits such as: 

  • Increase account security
  • Protect your account in case users lose their password or get it stolen.
  • Solve the weaknesses of the conventional password and account method

👉 How to Enable 2FA E-mail Authentication & Google Authentication.

3. Note

To optimize the process of protecting Vconomics accounts, besides 2FA security, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Do not allow anyone to use your device
  • Do not share your email password or reveal your personal information (including phone number, date of birth, etc.) in the community.
  • Be careful with your data transmission. Should not use public Wifi networks when making necessary transactions.
  • Do not access unusual URLs
  • Update 2FA service information as soon as it is lost or changed.


Two-factor authentication will improve security, safety and transparency for Vconomics users, especially during transactions in the Blockchain “space”. Implement 2FA security from today to protect your accounts, assets and personal information!

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