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Vconomics NFT (VFactory and VEx) website version is officially launched

Besides developing new features, Vconomics also optimizes user experience in different ways, which includes bringing VconomicsNFT (VFactory and Vex features) on website.

Optimization of purchasing — selling — creating NFTs process

Vconomics is based on Blockchain technology, thus, VFactory and VEx also possess the outstanding advantages of it. Users can unlimitedly experience two features without worrying about security, transparency, data risks or transaction processing delays.

Purchasing/selling operations in Vfactory and creating/minting FREE NFTs on Vex (website version) are similar to but simpler than the app version and can be done easily. All user’s NFT works are synchronized to the website interface; you can interact with them directly after the NFT listing is successful.

Multi-platform Vex

Not only catching up with NFT trend, Vfactory and Vex also became the leading utility in the field of Non-Fungible Token. The application is developed on multiple platforms such as Website, Mobile and App, creating feature homogeneity in a single system.

VconomicsNFT allows users to interact easily, convert information quickly and trade securely. The diversification of application development platforms helps the app in reaching a large number of users, creating a vibrant NFT marketplace and increasing interactivity for users of the ecosystem.

Intuitive experience within one click

Besides purchasing — selling — creating NFTs, users can also learn about the project in Footer section of the website. Whether you enter this market as a buyer or a seller, for the purpose of investing, collecting, visiting or shopping, VconomicsNFT can meet your needs.

Vconomics has been taking strategic steps to bring an intuitive experience to global users. Digital economy “residents” can discover interesting features of Vfactory and Vex in one click!

Fresh experience thanks to creative interface

Creativity plays an important role in the world of NFT. That is also the reason why Vfactory and Vex are set up with a fresh, modern and extremely attractive appearance. The Website interface not only wins users’ heart thanks to its easy and intuitive operation, but also provides creators with an interesting and inspiring workspace.

New interface, fresh experience. This is definitely a advantage that VconomicsNFT provides international users.

To conclude

Vconomics team desires to bring Vex to the TOP of the leading NFT exchange where digital assets can be purchased and sold in the simplest and most effective way. Besides, Vfactory is expected to become an NFT factory with preeminent features. That is the reason for the creation of VconomicsNFTs Website version: to achieve that goal and optimize user experience.

In order for Vconomics to approach the NFT trend, developing Vfactory and Vex on website is an inevitable step. It is hoped that in near future, users in the ecosystem continue to support VconomicsNFT and accompany Vconomics — decentralized digital economy and bring more quality NFT works.

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