Vacademy — 4.0 Financial Academy

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online learning is no longer a strange concept. Joining this “revolution” of education, Vconomics has built Vacademy, an interesting feature that allows users to accumulate financial knowledge and receive rewards. Vacademy, the 4.0 Financial Academy, completely changes the traditional studying habits and promises to revolutionize the field of education in the future.

1. What is Vacademy?

Vacademy is the 4.0 Financial Academy, where users can both acquire financial knowledge and earn money at the same time. This is a feature to be launched in the Vconomics ecosystem in December 2021. By the development and introduction of this feature, Vconomics promises to bring great value to the community. It will raise awareness about the importance of personal financial management skills, provide basic knowledge in finance and technology, and at the same time reward learners who actively participate in the courses with MICS.

2. Characteristics of Vacademy

2.1. Learn-to-Earn

Instead of paying a tuition fee for courses enrollment, with Vacademy, users do not have to pay anything, but even receive money for active learning and excellent completion of courses. This is also known as “Learn-to-Earn” (L2E) which is currently popular in the Blockchain field. With each module, learners receive MICS if they answer the questions correctly in the test, and the opportunity to “learn from error” in Vacademy is unlimited. This means that with hard work and active learning, everyone can receive the MICS rewards they deserve.

2.2. Graduation certificate in form of NFTs

After joining the Vacademy — 4.0 Financial Academy, in addition to being equipped with knowledge and skills to effectively participate in the financial economy, receiving MICS, learners also get a certificate of “graduation” after successfully completing a certain course. The special thing is this certificate will be issued by Vconomics in the form of NFTs. Thus, it embodies the basic characteristics of an NFT: unique, irreplaceable and non-replicable. The NFTs certificate can be exchanged, purchased and sold on exchanges like Vex, serving as another investment opportunity for users.

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2.3. Super short financial courses

There are plenty of courses specialized in micro and macro economics and finance operated by different individuals and organizations. Most of them last for months or even years with a continuous syllabus which forces learners to fully participate in order to achieve the best results. This discourages beginners of the finance industry, because not everyone has enough time to fully participate in such lengthy study programs.

Overcoming that obstacle, Vacademy offers micro-courses suitable for today’s hustle-and-bustle lifestyle. From busy people who can only spend a fraction of their time learning more about the financial sector to individuals with absolutely no experience in the industry, all are able to complete the courses, accumulate a certain amount of knowledge and earn money.

2.4. Diverse and up-to-date knowledge

Vacademy provides courses that are not only fast but also at great quality. This can be seen in the methodical and diverse “syllabus” which is optimally designed to provide knowledge to learners. The course content ranges from the most basic understanding of how the financial industry works to the practical knowledge of investing or managing personal finances. Especially, the curriculum includes a large amount of information about Blockchain — the indispensable technology of the 21st century.

The question sets are highly applicable so that learners can easily apply them to their daily lives or work in fields of finance, business, technology, etc. Blockchain has always been volatile, and the lectures in Vacademy are continuously updated and give learners the latest insight into the market to make the right decision before entering any investment deal.

2.5. Personalized syllabus

According to research by Deloitte, up to 34% of customers say they find the standard products and services available are not what they really want. With qualitative, quantitative models and Artificial Intelligence technology, Vconomics can bring users the most appropriate and practical courses which are “tailored” for each student.

Having realized the importance of assessing users’ “financial health”, Vacademy has designed courses to provide knowledge about finance — banking industry, especially the credit market. To help each learner apply practical knowledge, Vacademy directs them to experience Vscore — Financial Assistant. This is also the core feature of Vconomics in the journey to provide global financial services.

With a customer-centric mindset, Vacademy offers personalized courses with practical and most relevant value to each student. This is one of the few academies in the market that provides knowledge about credit scores and emphasizes the importance of it. Vacademy raises users’ awareness of credit scores, giving them a solid premise to participate in economic and financial activities

2.6. Easy and convenient for everyone

In addition to the diverse curriculum, another advantage of Vacademy is its user-friendly interface. Lectures are delivered in the form of short and concise questions with visually attractive illustrations, which makes the learning experience easier and more enjoyable than ever. Within just a few simple steps right on the mobile phone, everyone can gain knowledge and optimize their personal experience. Vacademy empowers users to take the initiative in learning: what to study, where to study, when to study, etc. All of this is decided and planned by learners themselves with the support of the digital financial academy.

3. To conclude

Not only digitizing education, the Vacademy feature also brings learning to a completely new level with unprecedented experiences. With educational activities gradually moving from offline to online, Vacademy will continue its mission of digital transformation of education, providing a decentralized, online learning experience and universal studying opportunities for everyone. Let’s look forward to the exciting learning journey with Vacademy!

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