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[RECAP] AMA 5th Nov. 2021: Vconomics Roadmap shared by Founder team

On November 5th, 2021, Vconomics users had the opportunity to talk with project’s founder team in the first AMA program. The two founders gave comments on the current NFT and crypto markets, and clarified more about Vconomics’ future roadmap.

1. Details

Time: 8:00 UTC, November 5, 2021

Venue: Facebook Livestream


  • Mr. Nguyen The Cuong: Co-Founder, CEO
  • Mr. Tran Duc Thong: Co-Founder, CTO

With thousands of MICS rewarded for those who actively interact with the show.

2. Recap

Host: Let’s start with a challenge: to introduce Vconomics in 10 words. If only 10 words were given, how would you introduce Vconomics?

Co-Founder & CEO: “Financial ecosystem based on customer insights and transparency.”

Co-Founder & CTO: There is only one thing that comes up to my mind, which was also the project initial orientation: “digital economy”, to be more specified, “decentralized digital economy”. I did not use all the 10 words but Vconomics slogan is enough.

Host: What is the value that Vconomics brings to the community? (Question from user Nguyen Dinh Chien @Chienmoto)

Co-Founder & CEO: Vconomics brings comprehensive financial solutions to users. First, Vconomics brings transparency to credit scoring. Vconomics gives credit scores to users through Vscore application using AI (artificial intelligence) technology. In addition, we launched the Vacademy, which provides super-short courses to help users upgrade their financial knowledge and earn money at the same time (Learn to Earn)

Co-Founder & CTO: Vconomics helps users access financial services easily and conveniently, as well as provides fundamental and advanced financial knowledge.

Host: Currently, the concept of NFT is not clearly understood, it is well-known among a small group of people. In the future, does Vconomics have a more popular approach to develop the community and increase token price? (Question from user Vinh Quang @vinhle888)

Co-Founder & CTO: NFT is widely mentioned by the media even by mainstream channels, but still, the value of NFT in real life does not appear to be realistic to people. NFT, to be simplified,is Non Fungible Token, and its potential is immense. It requires in-depth knowledge about blockchain to understand NFT, but Vconomics and our features provide “transparent” services that allow users to participate without having to understand too much about NFT.

Co-Founder & CEO: NFT is built on advanced technology, so most users don’t know how to create, trade or own it. Simply put, in Vconomics digital economy, NFTs are digital assets that can be purchased, sold and traded easily.

Host: What are the features relating to NFT in Vconomics digital economy?

Co-Founder & CTO: We provide 2 features namely Vfactory and Vex. Vfactory helps users create FREE NFTs in the simplest way on blockchain network, while Vex connects users to trade their NFTs. New features tailored to user needs will also be developed in the future, such as our spiritual universe — Vuniverse being launched in November 2021.

Host: Currently, for the vast majority of Vietnamese people, awareness of digital currency is still vague and limited. Many consider digital currency platforms and communities as multi-level systems or scams. For sustainable development of the community, comprehensive understanding about the project is required. Does Vconomics team have any plan to help Vietnamese people understand Vconomics? (Question from user Dao Duc Chien @Ducchien1982)

Co-Founder & CEO: Blockchain is new even to those who work in the field of technology. Scammers often take advantage of the ignorance of the community to earn profit, therefore, people should choose projects that have visible products. We spend our resources to build a transparent product, as well as accept the risks of the project ourselves, rather than passing that risk to the community.

Co-Founder & CTO: Blockchain is often “fantasified”. Organizations that know users’ insights often propagandize “fantasy” ideas about their project. In contrast, Vconomics is a real product with the MICS coin being used in the ecosystem and linking available features. That is the point that differentiates Vconomics from flash scam projects.

Host: I noticed in Vconomics whitepaper a change in roadmap. Why is that? (Question from user Nguyen Tuyet Mai)

Co-Founder & CEO: Along with product development, there will be changes in the roadmap, therefore, it is necessary to update the white paper.

Co-Founder & CTO: They are not simply “updates” but “upgrades” to be correct, meaning that we bring a better version of the features. If we compare versions of the white paper, it is clear that the changes are all about upgrading the product to be more completed and inclusive, and the team’s point of view is that rather than rushing, we need to play the long term game.

Host: When can users and individual investors buy MICS?

Co-Founder & CEO: Currently MICS are exchanged on digital platforms. By December 2021, MICS will be listed on decentralized exchanges. In the first quarter of 2022, MICS will be listed on the world’s major centralized exchanges.

Host: Is there a limit on the amount of MICS that are possessed?

Co-Founder & CEO: To avoid MICS falling into inflation, the project team carefully studies supply and demand. Half of us are from Banking and Finance sector, so the calculation of the amount of MICS offered to the market is carried out carefully so that no one can control or negatively affect the value of MICS .

Host: When will MICS be listed and on which exchanges? (Question from user Pham Mr @MR_GIOAN)

Co-Founder & CEO: In December 2021 Vconomics will launch an IDO and be listed on decentralized exchanges. By March 2022, MICS will be listed on top centralized exchanges.

Host: What is the difference between Vfactory and Vex website and app versions?

Co-Founder & CTO: According to the roadmap, we focus on developing features on mobile version first by launching 2 features in Vconomics app in September 2021. We have just provided another website version of Vfactory and Vex for users to access to NFT in the most convenient way. In terms of features, Vfactory and Vex website and app versions are the same.

Host: For non-eKYC accounts, will the referrer who received MICS lose that MICS amount? (Question from user Phan Hai @Phan_Hai)

Co-Founder & CEO: The Vconomics system has a mechanism to track and detect fraud cases. Currently, it is not possible to distribute tokens to Blockchain wallets, so MICS reclaim policy is not too strict. In the near future, real users without eKYC will not have their MICS revoked, but fraudulent cases to earn a large amount of MICS will be checked and revoked to ensure the benefits and fairness of the community.

Host: What is Vacademy? Why can I earn both knowledge and tokens?

Co-Founder & CEO: Vconomics is a decentralized digital economy. In the process of users acquiring knowledge and earning token, Vconomics also obtains information about their financial and credit status, thereby we are able to build features that further meet community needs. Our partners also derive value from that, so we realize some of that value needs to be returned to users.

Co-Founder & CTO: Most users do not understand finance and blockchain deeply. Through Vacademy, we offer micro-courses in areas of finance and technology for users to earn MICS.

Co-Founder & CEO: Also, Vacademy is a complementary feature of Vscore. Users with poor credit scores face difficulties in borrowing money from large banks and have to accept high interest rates. Vacademy will help users improve their credit score.

Host: Is Vconomics a state-backed project? (Question from user Huynh Chanh)

Co-Founder & CEO: Currently in Vietnam, there are no state-backed projects, I can assure that. If any project claims to be backed by the state, that is wrong.

Co-Founder & CTO: This is also related to the issue mentioned above that individuals and organizations take advantage of blockchain concepts for illegitimate purposes.

Co-Founder & CEO: Blockchain and Blockchain-based derivative products like NFT are both new and not regulated by any law. The pioneers in this field all face certain risks, but as technology enthusiasts and with eager to provide valuable solutions to the community, we will continue to move forward.

Host: Does Vconomics have an international community? (Question from user Hoai Phuong)

Co-Founder & CEO: The V in Vconomics stands for “Virtual”, meaning that Vconomics’ digital economy products have no borders and serve global users. However, in different stages, we allocate our resources on developing different markets.

Host: How to use Vacademy? (Question from user Ngoc Trang)

Co-Founder & CTO: Vacademy is being developed, promising to be launched in November 2021. This feature will be publicly available on the Vconomics application on iOS and Android operating systems, along with a web version. Vacademy is accessible for all Vconomics accounts.

Host: The roadmap and value of MICS? (Question from user Nguyen Van Duyen)

Co-Founder & CEO: MICS is definitely a token of value. Currently, the ecosystem around MICS is excellent which attracts a large number of funds, companies and associations. In near future, we will continue to design and upgrade our products to meet the need of all users.

Host: What role do Backers and Venture Capital play in Vconomics?

Co-Founder & CEO: Once deciding to invest, the funds will do their best to support the team so that the project can grow and make profits.

Host: Please say something to the audience?

Co-Founder & CEO: Just enjoy this moment and earn MICS. With the participation of many funds and organizations, the value of MICS is undeniable.

3. To conclude

The first AMA broadcast has attracted attention from the community, including current users and people who are interested and want to know more about the project. Please look forward to the next issues of AMA with the appearance of extremely interesting guests.

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