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How to create, send & receive Gift Cards in Vconomics

Let’s explore how to create Gift Cards in Vconomics to send love messages & meaningful gifts to your beloved ones.

1. How to create Gift Cards

Step 1: From homescreen, select ‘Li xi / Gift Card’

Step 2: Select a theme for your Gift Card from the given list.

Step 3: Slide and choose your favourite card

Step 4: Enter the information:

(1) Your wish: You can enter your own our use provided wishes

(2) MICS amount to be sent in each Gift Card

(3) Number of Gift Cards to be issued

You can choose to list your Gift Cards as NFTs, which requires BNB gas fee.

Step 5: Create → Confirm

2. How to send Gift Cards

Step 1: “Gift Card” → “History” → “List of cards”

Step 2: Select “Share”. You can share Gift Cards to friends by social networking services.

3. How to receive Gift Cards

Step 1: Copy the gift code you received with the Gift Card

Step 2: From homescreen, tap the top left icon

Step 3: Select “Gift Code”

Step 4: Enter/Paste the copied gift code

Step 5: “Confirm” to complere redeeming gift code

Step 6: Check the gifted MICS in MICS Received History

Within a few simple steps, you can create, send and receive Gift Cards in Vconomics. Don’t hesitate to contact Vconomics at [email protected] if you need any help.

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