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Digital Transformation big names join Vconomics Marketing Advisory Board

Vconomics is proving its potential on the way to become a leading digital financial application. Accompanying Vconomics are big names in the field of Digital Transformation. They have officially joined as official marketing Advisory Board of Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy and give dedicated advices.

1. Vconomics Marketing Advisory Board

1.1. Mr. Dzung Nguyen —Chairman at VECOM

Mr. Dzung Nguyen (Nguyen Ngoc Dung) is currently the President and Chief Representative of VECOM Ho Chi Minh City. He is also a Lecturer and Advisor on E-Commerce in University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City; a Consultant and Legal Trainer in E-Commerce and Communication for universities and training centers. Furthermore, Mr. Dzung launched and was invited to be the judge of many contests in E-commerce.

1.2. Mr. Leon Truong — Chairman at DTS

Mr. Leon Truong (Truong Gia Bao) used to hold the positions of Director of Business Development at e-commerce platform, FPT Telecom Product Director, Project Director, founder of Fsend service, as well as Marketing and Product Director of FPT Online. Currently, Mr. Leon Truong is the President of Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Enterprises (DTS Group). Having worked in big corporations helps Mr. Leon Truong to accumulate in-depth experience and establish himself as a prominent specialist in the field of e-commerce and technology. He is frequently sought out for coaching and speaking at conferences and training courses.

1.3. Mr. Cris D. Tran — Deputy General Director of Galaxy One, FAM Central Co-Founder

Mr. Cris D. Tran is the Deputy Director of Galaxy One, a firm that specializes in Digital Transformation services that integrate corporate strategy. He’s also the founder and CEO of FAM Central which focuses on entertainment and blockchain technology. Prior to that, Cris D. Tran was a Senior Leader at Frost & Sullivan, a worldwide consulting firm with a representative office in Singapore. At Frost & Sullivan, Cris D. Tran has provided strategic advice to prominent global corporations and government organizations, as well as carried out seminars on consulting. He has also appeared in major publications such as Bloomberg, Forbes, and Nikkei several times.

2. Why did they become Vconomics marketing advisors

2.1. Vconomics is a potential digital transformation solution

The three experts aforementioned share one thing in common: they are all interested in digital transformation in a variety of areas such as business, commerce, art, etc. That is why Vconomics, the top application with the “mission” of digitalizing economic experiences for both corporations and individual users, receives such huge attention.The “all-in-one” ecosystem provides users with convenient features such as:

  • Vscore — Financial assistant and credit scoring
  • Vfactory — NFT creating factory
  • Vex — NFT exchange
  • Vpool — Staking and Earn MICS
  • Vlending — P2P lending platform
  • Vuniverse — Spiritual universe
  • Vacademy — 4.0 Finance Academy

2.2. Vconomics is built on Blockchain platform with preeminent features

The Marketing advisor team has participated in a number of well-known Blockchain projects, a technology that is considered to have the potential to transform information technology by making it quicker, more decentralized, and more accessible. Vconomics is not an outlier in this trend. With two newly launched features, Vfactory — NFT factory and Vex — NFT exchange, the application promises to bring a transparent, secure and decentralized environment to the users of the ecosystem. New features of Vconomics promise to provide people opportunities to experience this promising Blockchain technology. The advisor team considers Vconomics to be their first choice when they want to participate and invest in this field.

This collaboration between Vconomics and marketing advisors can promote both parties’ brands in the field of finance and technology, hence increasing users’ trust in the brands and products, the advisor team will help Vconomics bring blockchain to applications in diverse sectors, thus, it can get closer to global users.

3. Marketing advisors saying about Vconomics

Speaking about Vconomics, Mr. Dzung Nguyen said:

“The fact that we are in the midst of a digital transformation era with a huge number of potential consumers eager to join in the digital economy is an advantage of Vconomics. How to harness that potential is both an opportunity and a concern for Vconomics. I’m here to help them resolve that problem.”

Leon Truong,DTS president, shared: “The Vconomics ecosystem itself is relatively complete and meets a variety of user needs.” Mr. Cris D. Tran stated: “Vconomics empowers individuals to carry out financial and economic activities anywhere within just a few simple steps. This provides an opportunity for everyone.” Obviously, everyone can participate in this decentralized digital economy thanks to an easy-to-use interface and a variety of functions.

To conclude

The advisory board will join Vconomics in its journey forward, offering strategic guidance and assisting Vconomics in becoming a leading digital economy application, all while sharing the same goal and “mission” of bringing a decentralized digital economy solution.

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