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[USER GUIDE] How to send BUSD to Vconomics?

To join Vconomics Flash Sale on app, user need to send BUSD to Vconomics wallet. BUSD is so far the only stable coin that can be used to purchase MICS. Detailed userguide on how to send BUSD to Vconomics is as follow.

1. How to send BUSD to Vconomics

You can send BUSD from Trust or Metamask wallets to Vconomics wallet. The following steps illustrate the process of sending BUSD from Trust wallet.

Step 1: In Trust wallet, select BUSD.

Step 2: Tap “Send” to send BUSD to Vconomics wallet.

Step 3: Copy Vconomics wallet address.

Step 4: Paste Vconomics wallet address in the “Recipient Address” field in Trust wallet. Enter the BUSD amount (minimum 100 BUSD to register for Flash Sale). Tap “Next”.

2. How to check BUSD balance in Vconomics wallet

Step 1: From Vconomics home screen, go to Wallet.

Step 2: Check your BUSD balance.

Within a few simple steps, you can send BUSD to Vconomics wallet. For Vconomics Flash Sale policy, visit HERE. Don’t hesitate to contact Vconomics team if you need any support.

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