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[ANN] Vconomics Violation Handling Policy

Handling cases of fraud and violations of Vconomics Terms and Conditions and MICS promotion preserves the value of MICS, ensures benefits for investors and fairness for all Vconomics communities.

The violation handling process is as follow:

  • Step 1: Warning by email/app notification
  • Step 2: Lock account temporarily in 7 days
  • Step 3: Lock account permanently. Vconomics reserves the right to revoke MICS any time.


  • Violation and fraud alerting process follows the above steps. All notifications are sent directly to email and to Vconomics account of each violation case.
  • Detecting and evaluating violations is automatically processed by the Vconomics system.
  • Depending on the severity of violations, violating accounts will be handled according to the evaluation and detection of Vconomics team without following the above process!

If you have any complaint or question about Vconomics violation handling process, please contact [email protected] for support and answers.

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