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In the web 3.0 era, the most mentioned terms are Blockchain, Metaverse, NFT, Gamefi, Cryptocurrency, etc. Of course, it is impossible not to mention DeFi — Decentralized Finance, the model for a promising future of a Decentralized Digital Economy. Blockchain has acted as the foundation of development and connection among countries in the world, creating a fully open economy. Sharing a common goal to promote the growing blockchain industry, raise awareness about the technology among individuals and the community, and introduce decentralized applications, BlockchainWork has the opportunity to cooperate with Vconomics. As strategic partners, BlockchainWork and Vconomics collaborate in communication activities, events, community building and promotion to promote mutual development and bring the vision of both parties closer to the target audience.

About Vconomics

Vconomics is an application that simulates Vietnam’s digital economy in a narrow range for users to interact and visualize the future digital economy. Vconomics is a decentralized economy where everything is decided by everyone on the Blockchain network and Smart Contracts. Vconomics “universe” is formed based on security, safety, transparency and speed. The “planets” in this ecosystem include:

  • Vfactory: NFT factory
  • Vex: NFT exchange
  • Vuniverse: Vconomics Spiritual Universe
  • Vlending: P2P lending platform
  • Vpool : Staking Fund

Besides, Vconomics also provides credit scoring service with Vscore feature. This is considered the “key” to support users in MICS buying and selling transactions, and connects different financial demands among borrowers — lenders — bankers.

Vconomics is the embodiment of the future digital economy. This ecosystem brings people interesting experiences in the financial industry, at the same time open up opportunities to develop a decentralized economy with great spillover and strong influence.

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Product of Vconomic : Vconomics — Decentralized Digital Economy

About BlockchainWork

With the desire to lead the Web 3.0, BlockchainWork — was created as a recruitment website that connects blockchain talents in Vietnam with domestic and foreign employers and updates job opportunities from leading companies and outstanding startups.

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