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[EVENT] “More REACT, more MICS”

Newly introduced Twitter account of Vconomics has attracted attention from users. To create an interesting space for information sharing, join us in the event “More REACT, more MICS”. Follow and interact with Vconomics on Twitter to receive attractive gifts!

🔷1. Duration

From 27th Oct 2021 to 7th Nov 2021.

🔷2. Prize

For every tweet of Vconomics in the event duration:

  • A Like: +5 MICS
  • A Reply: + 10 MICS
  • A Retweet / Quote Tweet: +15 MICS

🔷3. How to participate

🔷4. Note

  • Replying content must not be nonsense or duplicated.
  • Your account need to be set public.
  • React that is not within event duration will not be counted.
  • Do not unfollow, unlike or delete tweet after receiving MICS. Vconomics reserves the right to reclaim MICS in cases of unfollow, unlike, delete tweet or other forms of cheat.

Get your free MICS with “More REACT, more MICS” event.

Download Vconomics and get FREE MICS !

Join Vconomics channels to get extra FREE MICS

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Email: [email protected]v

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