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Announcement: Unlimited vesting policy

For better convenience, from 11 May 2022, Vconomics users can do vesting UNLIMITEDLY. MICS token information and new vesting policy is as follow:

1. MICS token information

2. Unlimited vesting policy

  • Unlimited vesting amount
  • Unlimited vesting time
  • No reviewing process

3. Note

  • BNB chain gas fee is paid by users.
  • For MICS vesting, successful eKYC and 2FA activation are required.
  • Vconomics team can do vesting only after June 2022.
  • Vconomics supports BNB gas fee payment, deducted in MICS. Actual MICS received is calculated as follow: A – B = C
    • A: MICS amount to be withdrawn
    • B: BNB chain fee equivalent in MICS
    • C: Actual MICS amount withdrawn


MICS amount to be withdrawed (A)100,000.000
BNB gas fee0.0001Refer to BNB chain fee HERE.
BNB gas fee equivalent in MICS (B)75.948Price at time of article publish:
– BNB/BUSD = $379.74
– MICS/BUSD = $0.0005
Actual MICS amount received (C)99,924.052

With unlimited MICS vesting policy, Vconomics users will have great experience while using the digital economy.

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